90 mins, Contains strong language.. Rated 15

‘Gun Bird’, ‘The Norfolk Fracture’, ‘Colossal Velocity’, ‘Chap of Steel’…all these would-be titles fall by the wayside as Partridge is back, this time in the feature film ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’. This big screen debut for Steve Coogan’s comic creation tells the story of his greatest comeback to date, as he balances resurrecting his past stardom with preventing his latest venture, North Norfolk Digital Radio, from descending into predictable and hilarious chaos.

‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ is directed by comedy filmmaker extraordinaire Declan Lowney (Father Ted, Little Britain) and also stars Colm Meaney and Sean Pertwee.

Directed by: Declan Lowney
Starring: Colm Meaney, Sean Pertwee, Steve Coogan

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