Andover & Villages was delighted to meet the new Andover Town Centre Manager, Chris Gregory, at local popular meeting spot, Costa Andover.

A young (ish!!), dynamic man who hails from Solihull, Chris has great warmth and confidence and it’s immediately apparent why he was chosen for this exciting and important new role. Having worked in Town Centre Management for over 15 years, Chris brings an essential amount of experience with him, but cannot stop telling us how great he thinks Andover is and how much it already has to offer.

Chris has started the ‘Andover Town Centre Partnership’, inviting all of the town centre traders to join, and will be putting together a committee to make decisions and move the town forward. Chris said, “Town Centres need to constantly evolve in order to grow and provide what people want to use. Andover is not Basingstoke, Salisbury or Winchester, and cannot be compared. Andover is individual and has some really great shops. We need to make sure everyone knows what we have going on and give them a reason to come here.”

Chris’ appointment and salary comes from a collaboration of Hampshire County Council, Test Valley Borough Council and Andover Town Council.

Chris has decided to allocate £5k of his £28k service contract and will be putting it straight back into the ‘Andover TCP’ for marketing use. This act alone shows how invested Chris is in Andover Town Centre and its future, and he is keen to put his experience into the job in hand.

New Andover Town Centre Mananger Chris Gregory from heartflood

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