Charlies in Waterloo Court Has a Right Royal Opening

Charlie’s has relocated to Waterloo Court in Andover town centre after enjoying their time in the pop up shop in London Street.

Speaking to Andover & Villages, Owner of Charlie’s, Jane, said, “I decided to open the shop to honour my granddaughter, Charlie, who died suddenly, leaving my daughter Emma and our whole family devastated. Charlie’s is a real ‘recycle’ shop. I love to make pieces of furniture come alive again with paint and decoupage, whilst my daughter Emma hand-makes beautiful tutu’s and tutu dresses. Andover is embracing us with commission furniture pieces and also dress requests.”

Jane also told us that there will be lots of crafting for Andover children over Christmas, with a Christmas Craft Centre allowing children to make Christmas crafts for as little as 50p within the shop.

The Andover Carnival Royals were invited to the official opening, with their chaperone, Cllr Iris Andersen. The princess and her attendants were particularly happy to be in a shop full of so many beautiful things, especially the fantastic handmade tutus that Emma makes to order.