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Charlie Dimmock arrived at Arbory Residential Home this afternoon (24th April 2014) for the second time in the last five years. The first time saw Charlie planting a tree in the Arbory grounds to celebrate a year of being open. Today was the official opening of new allotments, which are going to be used by people living in the community with dementia and for their families.

A lovely garden buffet had been provided, along with fantastic background music from The 4 Toons. The residents were out in the sun enjoying the atmosphere and especially enjoying Charlie, who sat and chatted with them all. Sir George Young, Janet Whitely, the Mayoress, and local councillors also attended.

Charlie was given a tour of the ground that is going to be used for the allotments by Iain Slack, Manager of Arbory Residential Home, who later went on to talk to the many visitors who had attended the opening. He thanked everyone for coming and explained that the support of the community is essential to help make the project everything it could be. Iain handed over to Mayoress, Janet Whitely, who said, “It is an honour to have been invited to the opening today and I am delighted that there has been an initiative to create this space.”

Charlie Dimmock spoke to the crowd after a massive cheer from the residents when she was introduced. She said, “The residents are really going to enjoy this initiative, along with their families. It’s always uplifting to get into a garden on sunny days like today, and also on wet days; there are always little jobs to be done that lift the heart.”

Charlie, Sir George and the Mayoress broke the allotment ground together, whilst the crowds looked on. Then resident Hetty Lenny, 87, helped Charlie to break even more ground.

Iain then took a group, including Sir George, on a tour of the newly refurbished Arbory, which has been transformed with new lighting, decor and furniture, giving the residents a greater feeling of home. Andover & Villages met a lot of the staff, who were great ambassadors for Arbory, friendly, personable and welcoming, which is perfect for a home that provides personalised care and support for those with dementia and mental health needs.

Arbory Residential Home can be contacted on 01264 363363 and www.arbory.co.uk

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