Local Romsey News | Charities cement partnership with £20,000 grant for young people | Romsey & Villages

Local Romsey News | Charities cement partnership with £20,000 grant for young people | Romsey & VillagesLocal third sector organisation, Test Valley Community Services (TVCS) and the Army Welfare Service (AWS), have recently cemented their evolving partnership by successfully securing a £20,000 grant to support young people in the area.

The grant, award to the organisations from the Army Covenant Fund, will ensure delivery of an innovative new projected named ‘Further Up The Street’; engaging hard-to-reach young people between the ages of 14 & 25.

Local Romsey News | Charities cement partnership with £20,000 grant for young people | Romsey & VillagesDesigned to improve and develop young people’s confidence, life skills, and social skills, ‘Further Up the Street’ compliments TVCS’s current and successful ‘Streets’ project, which aims to support a smooth transition into adult life for young people in the area – addressing the major challenges facing young people today, and supporting them in their search for meaningful employment, education, healthy living, accommodation, and positive relationships.

Bringing together young people from Army and civilian communities to help them address the challenges these two groups have in common, ‘Further Up The Street’ brings with it a whole new dynamic in youth & community work.

The project works towards these objectives:

• Increase employability of young people.

• Reduce social exclusion and discrimination by removing barriers to participation and achievement

• Providing opportunities to learn in a safe, inclusive environment where young people can experience success and make positive contributions

• Improve well-being through engagement in a wide range of activities

• Raise aspirations and goals

• Positive role modelling and maintaining positive relationships which can be transferred to other areas in their lives

Chief Executive of TVCS, Terry Bishop, said of the ‘Further Up The Street’ project with AWS: “Streets has been a flagship project for the organisation and we are delighted to be able to work more closely with AWS to roll out a new programme linking the Army and Civilian communities together. “To receive this Army Covenant Fund means an enormous amount to the hardest to reach and most vulnerable young people.”

Test Valley Community Services (TVCS) provides services that support the voluntary and community organisations in Test Valley.

For more information about TVCS, please visit: http://www.tvcs.org.uk/

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