Chantry centre andover

The lifts at the Chantry Centre will benefit from some much-needed renovation.

After purchasing the shopping centre earlier this year, Test Valley Borough Council has been reviewing the issues with the lifts in the multi-storey car park.

Following a comprehensive review by independent engineers, the council announced that it will undertake urgent interim work to resolve the immediate issues before the Christmas rush, before completing a complete refurbishment of the lifts at the beginning of next year.

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, councillor Phil North, said: “Since purchasing the Chantry Centre back in April we have been doing all we can to resolve some of the long term problems with the mall and its facilities.

“One of our first projects was to refurbish the toilets and I am pleased that this work is already underway. But the constant problems with the lifts are simply unacceptable. They were not maintained as they should have been by the previous owners and with Christmas fast approaching we plan to do the necessary interim work to keep them operating reliably, pending the works to completely refurbish them in spring 2020.

“I would like to thank shoppers and businesses for their patience and understanding as I recognise how frustrating it must be. I wish to offer my assurances that we will get this problem resolved once and for all.”

While managing the interim repairs over the next few weeks, the council will also procure a company to complete the full lift refurbishment. Due to anticipated timescales to source specialist parts, this work cannot be completed before spring next year.

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