Man Filmed Masturbating outside Family Home in Andover

Hampshire Police have tracked down the man who was videoed masturbating whilst looking into the home of an Andover family last week.

Police report that after interviewing the 32-year-old Andover man, he admitted masturbating on the Walworth Road in Andover and was issued with a caution for ‘Outraging Public Decency.’

The young Andover woman who filmed the incident was stunned, shocked and scared at around 6.00am on Thursday 19th September 2019 when she looked out of her window and saw a man out on the verge next to the road, looking directly into her neighbour’s window, with his penis out of his trousers, masturbating.

Shocked and unsure what to do and how to begin to report the incident, she ran to get her phone, went upstairs and proceeded to video and take pictures of the man in order to hand them over to the police.

The man then stopped, started playing with his bike and then finally moved on.

When the pictures were released of the man, the public identified his clothing as being branded to local company Vitacress.

A few days later Vitacress released the following statement, “We are aware of an incident that occurred offsite last Thursday morning (19th September), involving an individual wearing a Vitacress fleece.

“The person involved was not a Vitacress employee but was employed by a third party supplier, who provide a service to Vitacress’ St Mary Bourne site.

“As soon as Vitacress were made aware of the incident, we informed his employer and all appropriate actions were swiftly taken.  We can confirm that he is no longer working on the Vitacress site.”

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