Caroline Nokes Tweets Picture of Dead Pigeon

Caroline Nokes tweeted a picture of a dead pigeon whilst campaigning for May’s election, this week.

Tweeting from Wherwell, Nokes took the picture of the dead pigeon and wrote:

Good Morning Wherwell – but think Lib Dem battlebus may have been there before us #deadpigeon

Last week, the Liberal Democrat campaign bus was reported to have hit and killed a pigeon. Nokes’ team say this was the reason for the tweet.

However, one member of the public wrote in to Andover & Villages and said, “Have you seen the dead pigeon on Caroline Noke’s Twitter page? It says something about Liberal Democrats and their bus, but all I can see is a dead pigeon, it’s not funny and it’s in poor taste.”

Responding to the criticism, Caroline Nokes said, “I’m always surprised when members of other political parties have no sense of humour, particularly when we are in the midst of such a busy campaign.

“Some will have seen the national news story last week, about the Lib Dem battle bus running over a pigeon in Dorset, and my tweet was just one example of lots of similar tweets over the course of the week.”

Caroline Nokes is currently campaigning to maintain her seat as MP for Romsey and Southampton North, an area which also includes some of the villages surrounding Andover.

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