Carbon Storage is Not The SolutionDespite recent, excitable, reports suggesting otherwise, Carbon Capture and Storage technology is not the panacea for Britain’s fossil fuel addiction. The controversial technology is uncertain, expensive, and energy intensive. While masquerading as a solution to tackling carbon emissions, CCS is, in reality, a short-term sticking plaster, at best; it avoids the real problem and is used to justify ‘business as usual’ in the energy industry. CCS is little more than an excuse to evade responsibility for tackling our reliance on fossil fuels.

There are several viable alternatives to fossil fuels and deep emissions reductions can be made through significant energy efficiency measures, a reduction in overall consumption, and increasing the amount of power generated from renewable sources. A report published by MPs just last week highlighted how much work the government needs to do on energy efficiency, especially in transport and heating. The report also demonstrated how much energy generation and job creation potential there is in the UK’s renewable energy industry – if the government halts its destructive and short-sighted cuts.

Focusing on CCS diverts attention away from the ‘no regrets’ options for tackling climate change. We can’t afford to keep burying our heads in the sand. CCS is an uncertain technology which ultimately perpetuates our over-reliance on a fossil-fuel based economy. I’m calling on MPs to look at real solutions to the mounting climate change crisis and focus on curbing, not facilitating, Britain’s addiction to fossil fuels.

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