Campaigner Manuela Rules Out Election CampaignWith the elections looming, gossip and speculation are rife across the town about who will be standing for election, for the Andover and Test Valley Borough Councils.

After the Tories have quit Andover Town Council, to step aside for community-minded locals to run the town council, local Attitude of Gratitude Campaigner, Manuela Wahnon has been plagued with requests and queries about standing for election.

Andover & Villages has been in touch with Manuela for a definitive answer, and she has exclusively told us:

“After weeks of speculation and rumours circulating around Test Valley I would like to state most categorically, that I will most definitely not be standing in St Mary’s Ward, in either Test Valley Borough or The Andover Town Council Elections.

“Flattering though it is, that people would like me to, nevertheless being a councillor requires a degree of knowledge in politics that I simply do not possess.

“Furthermore, my character and personality would not lend itself to the complexities and intricacies that councillors seem to have immense patience for.

“Sadly the very traits that I actually do have in abundance, would not be sufficient to meet the minimum criteria to apply.

“That notwithstanding, I will continue to serve the public, by simply being out in the community, pouring oil on troubled waters, whilst attempting to affect solutions quietly behind the scenes.


Attitude of Gratitude Campaigner”

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