Ryan Boath slims for Cancer Research in Andover Hampshire

Andover born and bred, 28 year old Ryan Boath has taken up a challenge from local Businessman, Andy Lavery, who owns and runs Andover Martial Arts & Fitness Centre on the West Portway Industrial Estate in Andover.

Ryan and Andy met through the ‘Dawn Breakers‘ fitness class that Andy runs on weekday mornings from 6am and 6.45am. The class is based on an American fitness regime called ‘Insanity Workout’. Andy noticed what great results could be achieved by using this kind of DVD, but found that the maximum outcome was always missing, and so set about working out why the DVDs didn’t give the end result and how he could provide a similar principle, coupled with greater success and outcome. Andy put together a diet and class, based on research around the best time of day to exercise and the best foods to eat to maintain great fitness. He told Andover & Villages that one of the key points was the need to have a class system, where being part of a group helped to keep focus and commitment.

Ryan first attended the “Dawn Breakers’ in 2013 with his wife, Siobhan, and he managed to lose a staggering 18lbs, which sadly he has put on since, so Andy challenged Ryan to lose as much weight as he could in 2014 and the decision was made to use the opportunity to raise money for Cancer Research, a cause that has affected some of Ryan’s family and friends.

Ryan starts on his journey at 31.7 stone and is looking to lose a staggering 10 stone this year (New Years Eve 2014 is the years final weigh-in) under the watchful (and slighty scary) eye of Andy, who has issued Ryan with a diet sheet that comprises of controlled carbs, high protein and good fibre. The exercise part of Ryan’s new lifestyle is a 45 minute programme, 5 days a week, which is high intensity interval training, promoting healthy living and as Andy says: ‘the best way to get into shape’.

You can visit Ryan’s page at www.justgiving.com/Ryan-Boath and can also text RYBO85 with your donation amount i.e. £1, £2, £5, £10 etc to 70070.

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