Motorbikes, mini-motos and quad bikes, if ridden recklessly and illegally are not only a public nuisance but they endanger lives. It’s important to know the law around riding a motorbike so you don’t end up with a criminal record or points on your license, not to mention the potential to seriously hurt yourself, or someone else.

You can only ride a go-ped, mini moto, quad bike or motorbike legally on the road if you have:

• A full driving license and CBT (A provisional license and CBT is sufficient to ride a motorbike by only up to 125cc with L-plates)

• An Insurance policy

• An MOT

• Registration and tax

• An approved protected helmet

Remember, it’s illegal to ride your bike anywhere without a minimum of third party insurance cover and the law says you must always wear a helmet.

We know a lot of the motorbikes being ridden have been stolen and are being ridden with no license, insurance or number plate.

Scooters and mopeds are particularly easy to steal if they are not parked securely so it’s worth taking extra cautions. To ensure your motorbike doesn’t get into the wrong hands:

• Invest in a decent lock

• Always lock your bike to something secure, even at home or locked in a garage, make sure it’s anchored

• Have an immobiliser and alarm fitted

• Never leave anything, including your helmet, on display.

Hampshire Constabulary has received 38 reports of motorcycles causing a nuisance and being ridden illegally across Coxford, Shirley and Millbrook in the last 11 days.

However, we have been working hard to tackle these riders and will continue to do so. Since January 2016, we have secured 29 convictions and issued several Section 59 warnings. Seven people are currently awaiting trial or sentencing.

PC Simon Peacock said: “We could not have done this without the community calling in and reporting incidents, providing statements and giving us images and footage as evidence to help build cases. Thank you.

“I am still keen to hear from anyone who sees these bikes to call us on 101 or contact me or my colleagues. All of the information we receive helps us build up an accurate intelligence picture which we can act on. Please keep on sending your dash cam footage, images and information to

“Please remember, if you get a motorbike this Christmas, make sure you know the law and you secure it properly, and always wear a helmet.”

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