Building Confidence through singing, Acting and Dance Classes with StagecoachFor talented children and young adults who want to develop their skills, or those who are just shy and looking to gain in confidence, Stagecoach offers a safe, friendly and fun environment to learn and explore the performing arts, from musical theatre classes and singing lessons to dance workshops and much more:

Learning isn’t confined to the classroom.

Research * shows that children and young people who regularly engage in performing arts become more confident and competent learners and…

Feel more confident in their communication

  • Are better at solving problems
  • Are more able to change their perspective
  • Are more innovative and entrepreneurial
  • Develop a better sense of humour
  • Spend less time in front of the TV or computer
  • Are more likely to be a central character in the classroom and enjoy school more.

* Dice

Stagecoach Classes for 6 to 18 years olds

Each week students at Stagecoach Andover participate in singing and acting, and dance classes, over a three hour time slot and all at the same venue. Classes are grouped by age, and class sizes are kept small – so that each child can develop at their own pace, always with the support of the group.

Singing Lessons: In our singing classes we offer an exciting mix of musical theatre, contemporary songs and vocal exercises. This combination helps to encourage confidence – and by the end of term every child in the singing schools will have had the chance to sing solo, without any pressure.

Dance Lessons: Not only are our modern-jazz based dance classes a great deal of fun, they’re also a fantastic way to exercise – as well as building children’s strength and co-ordination in a safe and structure environment in a drama school.

Drama Lessons: Our drama classes thrive on imagination and teamwork, providing an excellent outlet for creativity, as well as boosting children’s self-esteem.

And because we concentrate on class work, and spend less time rehearsing for end of term presentations, every child has their chance to shine.

The Stagecoach ethos is to enable children to grow gradually, and at their own speed, and to accomplish their personal full potential. Some might gain the confidence to strive harder for their ambitions. Some might want to work in the performing arts. Whatever their dream, our caring and talented staff make sure they keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Early Stages – 4 to 6 years

For younger children Early Stages is the perfect introduction to Andover Stagecoach. Classes run for 90 minutes, split into three 30 minute sessions in drama, dance and singing. Class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 15 children, and this means we can nurture budding talent at the same time as inspiring those whose confidence needs building.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts is the largest UK network of part – time performing arts schools for 4 – 18 years olds. We teach children to sing, Dance, and Act in a fun, educational and stimulating environment that not only improves performance and techniques, but also supports learning for life.