Hundreds of thousands and possibly close to 1 million people marched through central London at this weekend (Saturday, 23rd March) to give the people the final vote.

A non-political group by the name of ‘North Hampshire Europe’ pro-EU organisation also attended the march in central London which reports suggest up-to 1,000,000 people turned up-to.

Jonathan Buisson, Chair of North Hampshire for Europe, said: “We had nearly three times as many people coming from Basingstoke, Andover, Hook, Fleet and surrounding areas than we did for the previous march in October.

“Staff from North Hampshire Hospital were also there as part of a big NHS vs Brexit contingent.”

Upwards of 9,000 people from North West Hampshire signed the petition called to revoke article 50, which has reached the highest ever signed the petition on, and to stop the process immediately.

Jonathan said they will continue to campaign across North West Hampshire and the region to ensure the goal is achieved.

A charity estimated the crowd to be somewhere between 312,000 and 400,00 people, however, People’s Vote has cliamed that the total to be around 1,000,00 people.

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