Black Friday Shoppers Urged

On Friday 25th November retailers will offer large discounts in Black Friday deals, to encourage customers to snap up those Christmas deals.

With many shoppers planning to travel to the US to snag the best Black Friday deals, the team at International Travel and Healthcare, have put together some tips to help those travelling to stay safe:

Watch your feet: Over-crowded shopping malls can make it difficult to move around easily and can lead to trips and falls. If you do fall and hurt yourself do not put off medical treatment. Most stores will have a first-aid kit on hand.

Keep your eyes open and report any suspicious items or activities. Crowds of tourists and locals are increasingly becoming targets for terrorist attacks. It is now more important than ever for the public to report any suspicious activities that they notice. Your job is simply to report, and law enforcement will take your call seriously and assess the situation. What you see and report may be invaluable and may save lives.

Phones: Make sure all phones are fully charged and accessible and you can hear or feel it vibrating. If you are shopping with a group make sure that everyone has shared their numbers and they are stored in everyone’s phones.

Plan ahead: Plan a designated meet up place if you get separated in case of poor phone reception. Purse safety: Carry a small bag with your purse in it that you can keep close to your body to avoid losing it or having anything stolen. If possible, only carry credit cards, and make photocopies of them before you leave the house, this will ensure that you have your account details if your purse is lost or stolen.

Put your purchases out of site. Shopping bags in the back of cars make an enticing target for thieves. Make as much space as possible in your car boot before you head out shopping.

Kate Huet, Managing Director, International Travel and Healthcare (ITHC), commented: “With millions planning to take advantage of Black Friday deals, customers should be careful as shops can quickly become crowed and stressful with many people getting hurt and injured.

“Black Friday crowds that shopping centres draw can be an attractive target for a potential terrorist attack. Although the risk of being directly affected by terrorism is small, those concerned can purchase terrorism travel cover under a Safe Journey policy, as most travel insurance policies exclude terrorism. Safe Journey will protect shoppers when travelling in the UK and abroad, covering those directly and indirectly affected by terrorism and also those disinclined to travel.

Cover is available from £4.96 for an eight day trip. Having the correct travel insurance is essential so that, in the unlikely event of a disaster, travellers’ can be safe in the knowledge that assistance and financial protection are available.”

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