Bin Changes to Increase Borough’s Recycling To help increase the amount that is recycled in The Basingstoke & Deane borough area, from 1 April, measures are being introduced to ensure people put all the things that can be recycled into their green bin.

Grey bins that obviously contain garden waste or items that could be recycled such as cardboard, paper, tins, cans, aerosols, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars will have a number of warnings issued.

Ultimately crews may refuse to empty grey bins where people continue to refuse to remove these items.

The council’s recycling team can offer advice on what can be recycled locally and a pack will be going to all households this month (March) with more information on what should go in which bin.

From April residents can also get a glass bin as an alternative to a box if they have lots of bottles and jars to recycle. Residents can order one of the red 140 litre bins online at and as an extra incentive the council is offering 1000 bins to residents for free, if they apply before 30 April.

After that date a bin can be ordered for £24.20.

The council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and The Environment said: “I understand what can and can’t be recycled can be confusing. This isn’t about punishing people who are confused, as we will work with them to help them recycle all they can, it is the people that always put everything in their grey bin without trying to recycle that we need to do something about. We can’t let them ruin all the hard work of the residents that make a real effort to recycle.”

More information on what can and can’t be recycled is available on the council’s website at or by calling the council on 01256 844844.

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