Andover BID Hampshire

The much-criticised Andover BID group ran a social media campaign over Christmas, determined to show their readers of their worth and activities since April 2019.

The campaign involved a series of posts to their Facebook page, listing their achievements in one-liners often using an edited and morphed version of the Andover BID logo.

One follower commented, “most of these posts seem to be the sort of thing ppl put on a cv when they need to pad it out a bit.”

On 31st December 2019, they posted that the BID had set up an Indies group in June 2019, to illustrate the post, an image of shops from other towns was used.

Followers instantly picked up on the faux pas from an organisation set up to promote our town.

George Roberts, levy payer and owner of Andover’s favourite gift shop Mooch, said, “What promotion? Using photos of another towns shops ? Seriously????”

One liker observed, “This photo kind of suggests that you don’t think Andover shops are worth promoting, which somewhat defeats the object of the group?”

Andover BID were voted into power following TVBC using votes for the 13 car parks in the area, this meant that the votes only just swung in BID’s favour by 3 votes.

Businesses within the defined district are subject to a Levy based on the business rates of their town centre business, they are told it is a small amount of money by the Andover BID Board, but traders maintain that surviving the High Street is hard enough without a further drain on their profits.

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