Local Andover News | Beware of Driving Licence Renewal Scam Warn Police | Andover and VillagesRenewing your driving licence at 70 years of age with the DVLA is free of charge. However, Hampshire Police have recently been informed of a scam targeting individuals of this age, where a fee is requested for the renewal of their licence.

The scam involves an email being sent which appears to be from the DVLA. The email informs the person that their driving licence needs to be renewed and asks them to click on a link. This link then takes them to a website which again appears to be from the DVLA and it informs the person that they need to pay a fee to have their licence renewed. The website then asks for some personal details and an application is sent to the DVLA. The person may then receive their new licence, however, they should never have had to pay a fee.

This scam can also be done over the phone, where someone calls appearing to be from the official organisation, but they are not. If you want to renew over the phone, ring the DVLA yourself.

Teh public are advised by Hampshire Police to be aware of this scam. Never open links to websites from emails you receive, especially when money is requested or any personal details. Always go straight to the official government (GOV.UK) website. This is the same for any emails you receive. Avoid opening links through emails and then entering passwords or any personal information as scammers can cleverly make websites look official.

If you have a parent or relative who drives and is approaching 70, inform them that the renewal for their licence is free of charge and to go straight to the government website or ring the DVLA directly to renew.

Click here to renew your licence: https://www.gov.uk/renew-driving-licence-at-70

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