Being sensible and safe is the key to having firework fun….

What you need to know…….


To enjoy fireworks, make sure they are used in controlled way or at an organised event with adults present; otherwise you may annoy residents and the community.


Taking fireworks and bangers onto the streets and in parks is a form of anti-social behaviour; not only is it dangerous it is also illegal…. Don’t be pressured to join in with the reckless behaviour of others!!


Misuse of fireworks is dangerous to you and the public; not only do they cause serious, and sometimes fatal injury, they can also cause damage to property.


If you are U18 and found in possession of fireworks or bangers, police have the power to confiscate them from you!!

r Causing injury to someone or damaging their property through recklessness with fireworks may result in you being dealt for an offence.


Police 101 – for matters of ASB

Fire 999 – if you discover a fire

Ambulance 999 – if you or another person is seriously injured

Follow this advice and make sure EVERYONE has a fun firework experience!!

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