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Week Ten – Weight Loss: 4lbs

Total Weight loss: 29.5lbs

Week Seven – Weight Loss: 2lbs

Total Weight loss: 24.5lbs

I had a really good week, although a night out in the local pub on Friday night with much vodka and diet coke (well, I am not allowed wine as its a bit pointy!) had really scared me for the rest of the weekend. This made me be completely well behaved all weekend which is pretty unusual.

We walked up a hill that I like to walk a lot of times: up and down and up again, and I ate more than sensibly to make up for my over indulgence on Friday night.

I know that the ethos of Weight Watchers is to eat (and drink!) whatever you want (within reason), but to plan it in to your days allowance, but that doesn’t work for me. If I were to have a chocolate bar and a glass of wine every evening as part of my weekly treat allowance, I would struggle to lose any weight, so for me, that very small sacrifice in the grand scheme of my life, is not much to give for the body I want.

So if I do over indulge, I pull my belt right in for the next couple of days, eat properly with no treats, exercise more and I work harder to get back to where I was, and this really worked for me this week as I lost a whopping 4lbs.

This took me over the 2 stone loss mark which is phenomenal. I still have another stone to get to my first weight loss goal of where I was 4 years ago, but I am well on my way. After that, Weight Watchers say I need to lose a further 2 stone. I am not sure if I should take the challenge or not – what do you think?

I am still not eating carbs after lunchtime and I think that is helping a lot. I did some research on Hypothyroidism, which I have, and a lot of what I read indicated carbs were difficult for someone with a thyroid issue to get rid of. The recommendation was to only eat them in the morning, so this is what I have been doing and it certainly appears to be working for me.

However, if I have learnt anything from my time with WW, it’s that there is no science to an individual’s weight loss. We are all different and our bodies all react differently to foods and exercise. My body is even reacting differently to how it did when I dieted with WW 5 years ago.

This week I have started to receive compliments about my appearance. It’s taken longer than I wanted it to (I am SO impatient) but people who I haven’t seen in a few months or even weeks are commenting on how much weight I have lost. This is a great feeling and I am enjoying receiving the feedback so much and that is also keeping me going.

I am hoping to lose 2lbs next week so I can get to my 15% loss and get another sticker on my card! 🙂

I’ll start my diary with the weekend, as, lets face it, it’s the most important time of the week! On Saturday, my partner Simon, my sister, brother-in-law and my little dog, Alfie, all hopped in our car and went for a road trip. We headed down to Devon for the day, as the sun was shining and we fancied a fab day out. That’s exactly what we had, too. We did lots of walking along the beach at Slapton Sands as well has climbing up 500 metres to a fort (well I say climbed, more like begrudgingly walked, slipping and sliding) and the view was simply spectacular! Well worth the blood, sweat and tears to get up there (ok I exaggerate a little, it was a mildly steep walk, but it felt a lot worse, trust me!). We all had a cheeky ice cream too (me and the dog shared mine hehe, it was a low fat ewes milk one, though!).

On the way home, all worn out from our adventurous day, we stopped and ate at The Harvester. It is an ideal place to eat out on Slimming World, as I have the Simply Chicken, with a jacket potato and mountains of salad! Delicious and well earned I’d say!

The rest of my week has been very busy and stressful, and I’ve had little to no time for swimming, only managing to go once, and I’ve only been able to walk Alfie for an hour each day too. I have had some delicious Slimming World meals though, like Steak, with a Philadelphia and mushroom topper, veggies and wedges, as well as Barbecue Salmon and sweet potato mash. Although I have stuck to my Slimming World Food Optimising, I felt that the lack of extra exercise would really impact my weight loss, but when I got on the scales on Wednesday evening, hurrah! Still 2lbs off, meaning I’m 3.5 lbs away from my 2 stone award. So this week, at our group meeting, we have all set ourselves targets for next week, some being as high as 8lbs!! Crikey, I don’t think I can manage that, but I really am going to try for 4lbs this week, just so I can get that 2 stone loss under my belt (literally!).

I’m also starting up an old passion and hobby that I haven’t done in a long time, mainly as I’ve not had the confidence in myself to do it. But … this Wednesday I’m having a Horse Riding lesson! I’m so grateful to Slimming World for giving me the confidence to do this, as I’ve missed it terribly and have been longing to do it! I’m so excited as you can imagine, and Horse Riding, for those of you who don’t know, is really very physical hard work and great exercise, so hopefully those pounds should start to roll off me, with any luck hehe!

Well that’s all from me this week, hopefully (as long as I don’t fall off the Horse) I’ll catch up with you next week. Take Care.
C x

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Veggies prepared to go in the oven (I am not eating the potatoes at the moment)

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World –

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – My walk, up, across, down and up again…

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World –

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Spicy chicken and roasted veggies.

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World –

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