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Week Six – Weight Loss – 2.5lbs

Total Weight loss: 20lbs

Week Six – Weight Loss – 3.5lbs

Total Weight loss: 16.5lbs

I have had a good week, filled with more exercise and good food. My back pack is getting really heavy now it is filled with 17.5lbs of tinned soup. Any more loss will see a new rucksack appearing, as the one I have just can’t take any more weight and has started to dig into my lower back, as I stomp around the fields in the village I live in.

I find it incredible to think that the weight I am carrying on my back during my walk is the weight I have lost in only 5 weeks so easily and without starving myself. Anyone that comes into the house and picks up the backpack cannot believe that it is what I have actually lost from my body, 17.5lbs doesn’t really sound that much, but when you feel the pure weight of it in your hands, it’s astonishing.

Food wise this week has been good, lots of lovely meals and a new favourite in the house! My children cooked themselves chicken nuggets, chips and baked beans, and I really was very attracted to the smell and started craving chips and beans! I saw on a Facebook group where someone had made chicken goujons, by breading them with Warburton Thins, so we tried it and instead of having chips, we roasted baby new potatoes with a teeny amount of rapeseed oil and sea salt. We served it all with baked beans. I can honestly say that it was so yummy and much nicer than ‘freezer food’. The whole family loved the goujons and now keep asking me to make them.

Instead of giving into my cravings, I really try and make something similar, but with better food choices and it appears to be working.

There has been some small criticism from viewers of this blog, suggestions that losing weight is merely a matter of eating less and moving more. One of the hardest things about being overweight and unfit, is the lack of support and ridicule we can be subjected to. Weight issues are rarely ‘just’ a matter of overeating and laziness. There are often many more influences involved and the journey to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle sometimes requires support and guidance, which is what both Weight Watchers and Slimming World offer to those who want and need help.

My challenges this week are to increase my exercise, drink more water and start trying on clothes that haven’t graced my body in years!

The weekend was extremely busy for me, with a day out in London with my Sister, lunch with my Grandchildren, an evening out at our Local and cozy Sunday meal with my Hubby.

Over these few days I threw caution to the wind and ‘wined and dined’. The truth is, I was in ‘Seventh Heaven’, supping away at my creamy latte and munching on a lamb burger, whilst in Borough market! The follow up was a liquid lunch of a few Pinots in a very quaint pub along the South Bank… Well, it would have been rude not to! The evening was spent in a Chinese restaurant frequented by my sister in Chinatown. I chose crispy veg in oyster sauce and duck pancakes, which I washed down with more Pinot! The following day we took our Grandchildren out for lunch and rounded the night off with an Indian takeaway. Sunday’s meal was a lovely carvery and I finished the weekend with, yes, more wine.

Back on the straight and narrow Monday, I began dreading my weigh-in. Tuesday evening I thought a no change would be brilliant, but I rather expected to have gained at least a pound … or two, though my very supportive hubby kept saying how much weight he thought I’d lost (I could have filled my F.I.T log with all the miles I walked in London).

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I discovered that I had in fact lost 3.5 lbs… How did that work? I got my lovely blue one-stone sticker and certificate and my front page is filling fast with my achievements – a total loss of 16.5 lbs to date.

Reflecting back on my sinful weekend, I became aware of the food choices I had made, the burger was of quality, lean mince, no onions, lots of fresh salad and I only ate half the roll, the duck pancakes. There no visible fat on the meat, wafer thin wraps and lots of spring onion and cucumber and, instead of the usual lashings of hoisin sauce, it was just a drizzle. The Indian, a chicken Tandoori, was chunks of chicken marinated in yoghurt, and plain rice. Whereas my usual order would have been lamb curry and mushroom rice, a poppadum, mango chutney, and my roast, well, less roasted potato, more veg and very little gravy.

I really have changed the way I choose and eat my meals after just six weeks of training.

As for the wine, well I think that will stick to my bum and thighs for my next weigh-in

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – My back pack, filled with 17.5lbs of tins of soup

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World – Spicy Chicken and Mushroom pasta

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Homemade Crispy Chicken Goujons, Potatoes and Beans

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World – Chicken Stir Fry and Pappardelle

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Roast Beef, Vegetable and Roast Baby New Potatoes


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