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Week One – Weight Loss – 7.5lbs

Total Weight Loss – 7.5lbs

Week One – Weight Loss – 4lbs

Total Weight Loss – 4lbs

Having lost 49lbs on Weight Watchers previously some 5 years ago, when deciding that it was time to go and lose the weight I have put back on since then, there were many factors I considered as I looked at both of the most famous diet plans. The most important one was timing and location of the meetings and this was what sent me running (well a slow walk, I am overweight afterall!), back to the familiar arms of Weight Watchers and the familiar leader, Karen who runs meetings across Andover through the week, you can see when and where by clicking on the link at the bottom of this diary entry.

I reactivated my old membership online and visited the meeting on Tuesday 7th January. The first weigh in is always a trauma and the scales never say what we hope they will, but the first step on those scales is the first step on a path of sustained weight loss.

I decided to stay for the meeting as I read somewhere, those who do are more able to lose and keep the weight off, something Karen also echoed during the meeting which was about the new ‘Simple Start’ which I wasn’t familiar with. This basically is a list of filling foods that you are allowed to eat as much of, as often as you want until you are satisfied, not full or over full. You are allowed 2 treats a day from a given list and there is a list of flavourings that you can use to ‘pep’ your food up for free.

I had only ever done points before so I was initially reluctant but after Karen’s explanation of it, I was raring to go! We were given a Simple Start booklet and I bought the Simple Start Starter Pack which had extra recipe cards and a box of porridge sachets for the week.

The first week went okay, I decided as recommended to plan my whole week of food, I also decided to cook from scratch every night and invite my family to join with me in what I was eating, but they could have the extras that I can’t.

I arrived home full of excitement and had my first sachet of porridge, I can’t say it was the most exciting thing I have ever put in my mouth (!!!), but it was okay. I sat down and planned my meals for the following week, using recipes given in the booklets handed out at my first weigh in and ordered it online to be delivered the following morning. I started walking every day with the dogs straight after the school runs without fail, choosing the more bumpy ground rather than flat surfaces.

I really enjoyed cooking the meals through the week and learning how to create a meal for everyone in my family that all could and would eat, I really did like the Fajitas we made on Saturday night as it felt like a normal meal we would have on a weekend.

The only thing I found really difficult was Friday and Saturday evening where I could only have 2 half glasses of wine a night, we have previously ‘enjoyed’ much of a drink on a weekend and I do admit I did have 3 treats on both Friday and Saturday night, but I figured I had been so good, I deserved it.

Weigh in day came and I woke up feeling very nervous, I showered and did the school run and made my way over to town, I was so very scared as I approached the scales as I had been so good and I was terrified of it showing a teeny loss – or worse – a gain!

Thank Goodness, I had managed a whopping 7.5lbs loss which is more than I have achieved on ANY diet in a week, especially the first week and that includes a 3 week stint on Lighter Life.

The plan says that we can now move on and remove the 2 treats a day and instead use the 49 points pro points users use for their treats in a week, but I have decided to do another week or two of this exact plan as it has suited me and my busy family life.

Well done Lesley on your weight loss this week, I am enjoying having a slimming partner who is using another diet, it keeps me spurred on!


Andover Weight Watchers Meetings



Welcome to My Journal

My journey to weight loss began last Tuesday evening at Slimming World, Clarendon School, Tidworth. I had previously chatted with Vickie ( who runs this and other groups) through FaceBook, as the eve of my chosen meeting neared Vickie sent me encouraging pm’s to say she looked forward to meeting me and having me in her group, straight away this gave a sense of ‘belonging’,and for those who may feel a little daunted at the thought of joining a group of strangers in unfamiliar surroundings, a friendly foreword such as this could be invaluable.

I had attended SW some three odd years ago,and did very well,my weight loss on my first week was over 5lb,although committed to my plan,family occurrences caused me to miss several meetings, my will fizzled and, as with most Mums, I put my families needs first!

Vickie was at the entrance welcoming old and prospective members, I filled out the simple paperwork and took my SW pack and coffee (from help yourself kitchen) and sat in a close seat within the horseshoe arrangement. The meeting seemed a little hectic, though this was understandable due to being the first one of 2014 and with 8 newbies to be greeted. Vickie invited us all (to explain to us new and recap on the regulars) to take a look through the SW “Food Optimising” booklet. This started in 3 extra easy steps.

1. Free Foods.

2. Healthy Extras.

3. Syns. A list of ‘Free’ and ‘Superfree’ foods follow,with brief explanations of how they work for you.

These are followed by A&B healthy extras ( A=Calcium B=Fibre ), it is asked that you chose one of each,every day. With meal suggestions and mouth watering menu pictures following on, the book ends with Syn values of all sorts of food.

My pack also included a food diary and a F.I.T diary (for any extra exercise taken), and 3 smaller booklets ( I will enhance on these later). At the end of the session, the newbies were invited to de shoe & coat and stand on the scales-as with ALL weight loss clubs, your personal details are NEVER divulged to anyone, my weight noted (more than I thought!!), Vicky wrote down my first target which was a 10% loss of totalshe then asked my ideal goal, that too was written down in the back of the book which is to be known as my ‘Bible’.

I have a long road ahead, the plan, to CHANGE the way I cook/buy/choose my food for life.

I would like to wish Anna the very best with her diet also,it is interesting comparing two major dieting clubs ethos, I know many have had success in both.

After my first week with SW, I am feeling very positive and have not felt hungry this week,I have found the on-line recipes, this service is free when you join, very helpful,easy and tasty.

 Taste has always been high on my expectation of good food,and this has certainly not been sacrificed with SW.

 As always, I enjoy my wake-up call with Green Tea, breakfast (I usually skip this meal) has included egg & beans on toast, yoghurt and fruit, I must say it does seem to have given me the energy boost I had been getting from my high caffeine energy drinks!!

Lunch favourites are chicken salads and very tasty,filling pasta dishes, evening meals of roasts and turkey burgers and chips.

My group meeting went well,each person giving a short insight to their last week, and positive thoughts for the following one.
Vickie is leaving as group leader and our new lady (Julie ) introduced herself tonight and gave a short talk on her journey to weight loss. A fantastic total group weight loss this week, with my donation being a modest 4lb – onward and forward.

Andover Slimming World Meetings

Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1

Simple Start Breakfast – Crumpets (no butter) Baked Beans and a Poached Egg

(Weight Watchers)



Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1


Yoghurt & Fruit

(Slimming World)

Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1

Breakfast Hash – Potatoes, tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms and a poached egg – we had this for lunch one day.

(Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1

Turkey Burger, potatoes and beans

(Slimming World)

Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1

Gammon, potatoes and Mange Tout – a filling supper

(Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1

Roast Chicken, potatoes and vegetables

(Slimming World)

Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1

Caribbean Chicken – my favourite dish of the week!

(Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers Blog on Andover & Villages - Week 1

My Halogen cooker that takes all of the fat out of whatever it is cooking

(Slimming World)

These diaries are written by two members of the public attending the Weight Watchers and Slimming World Meetings and are not an exact view of the companies themselves.  

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