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Week Nine – Weight Loss – 3.5lbs

Total Weight loss: 25.5lbs

Week Six – Weight Loss -3lbs

Total Weight loss:22.5lbs

The Battle of the Diet Plans continues, however, for now, without our Slimming World opponent, who has decided to no longer attend the Slimming World meetings. It is such a shame as we were both doing so well together.

It has been a tough couple of weeks, firstly because my Weight Watchers leader needed to take 2 weeks away from the meetings, meaning there was uncertainty of the meetings happening at the same times. The first week was a quick weigh in without a meeting and this is where my trouble started.

It became clear about a week after this that I really need the weigh ins. I slipped a little off the plan and, at my low point, ate a McDonalds. Now I know the point of Weigh Watchers is that you can eat anything you like, but ensure you count it or allow for it, but for me, it was a big deal and an indication that I was heading back into old eating habits.

I didn’t go to the meeting the second week of Karen’s absence because, if I am honest, whilst I was busy, I couldn’t be bothered. It was the day after this I received the crushing news that my Slimming World partner was not continuing. We had started this journey together, whilst separately, and I began feeling – ‘What’s the point?’

I weigh myself every morning, which isn’t recommended, but it is what I need to keep me on track and luckily, when I weighed myself on the Saturday morning after the missed weigh in, and saw to my horror that I had gained 2lbs, it shocked me into action.

I decided to get back on the wagon properly and put myself back into the driving seat, I looked at my food (and alcohol!) intake over the previous 10 days and noticed I had eaten loads more carbs, and mainly at night. I had also stopped exercising as much. My whole family had also become complacent, and instead of questioning my decision to have a Happy Meal, it went without comment, which was out of character. We all fell off the wagon together.

On that Saturday morning, things changed, we changed our dog walk to a much more taxing, uphill 30 minute walk, the sit ups returned and the power plate was used everyday. Food wise, I ate carbs in the morning and then complete no carb meals for the rest of the day. From the Saturday to the Tuesday morning weigh in, the weight dropped off and I lost 4lbs according to my scales.

This transposed to a 3.5lb weight loss in two weeks when I was weighed officially at Weight Watchers on the Tuesday Morning, which took me comfortably below my 10% loss.

Karen was back at the meting that week and presented me (and my WW buddy, Julie, who started the same week as me) with our very special 10% loss key rings. I do have one of these from my last time at WW, but this one means so much more to me. I have worked so hard to regain the ground I lost over the last 4 years, and I am starting to enjoy seeing my body in the mirror again and being able to wear clothes that haven’t fit in years (I don’t care how cold it is, I am wearing my size 16 ‘baggy at the waist’ linen trousers, with peep toe shoes, even if my feet DO get frostbite!)

So here I am, 9 weeks on, twenty-five and a half pounds lighter, fitter, happier and with only seventeen lbs to go to my first big goal, which is to be the weight I was when I left Weight Watchers 4 years ago.

We have a new Lady starting the Slimming World side of things in the Battle – a new worthy opponent, introducing Charlotte:

Hellooo, my name is Charlotte and I live near St Mary Bourne, with my fiancé Simon and my two little dogs.

I started Slimming World in Kingsclere on the 29th of January and so far have LOVED every second of it.

I’ve found that making my own meals and recipes means I can eat pretty much anything I want and I’m never hungry. I barely snack now, as I’m always satisfied from my three meals (and berrrlieve me, I never thought you would hear me saying that!) With my Healthy Choice ‘A’ I can have my cheese fix (which for me tends to be 3x Babybel lights per day). I can also have my Healthy Choice ‘B’ (which for me tends to be 2 x Slimming World Rocky Road bars – which also gives me my chocolate fix!) Plus if I do fancy a naughty snack, I have 15 Syns per day on top of everything.

My Leader Lynn and my Group are a fantastic support, and I truly don’t think I could have changed the way I think about food without them. So far after 6 weeks I have lost 1 stone 8.5lbs and, last month, I was delighted to receive the Slimmer of the Month Award and also for the last two weeks running I achieved the Slimmer of the Week Award. That really spurs you on, as you can imagine!

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff about me, this was my week this week…

(Ok, I lied, firstly I’ll pop back to last week and then I’ll let you know about this week – I promise!) Last week was a great week as I lost 4lbs, was awarded Slimmer of the Week and my Bronze and Silver Body Magic, too (Body Magic rewards you for the exercise you do, so for Bronze you have to do 45 mins per week of exercise, maintained over 4 weeks and for Silver it’s the same, only for 1 hour 30 mins per week maintained for the 4 weeks.) I was chuffed to bits, considering I walk my dogs every day for an hour and a half and swim 4 times a week, so these two awards were a nice recognition for me.

This week was a bit tricky, although it started great! At the weekend we went out with some friends and their kids to Portsmouth for the day (which was great, lots of walking and fresh sea air), but we went out for dinner to Pizza Express. I was very happy with myself, instead of having a pizza, I had a ‘Super Salad’ which actually turned out to be amazingly delish! But come Sunday, weight loss disaster struck, I had come down with the plague of the cold, and felt awful.

So this week I haven’t done any swimming (but still kept up the dog walking and the food optimising.) I didn’t comfort eat or indulge in chocolate, which I usually would have! So when it came to weighing tonight, I was a bit worried, I’ve done a lot more sitting down this week. But Hurrah! I lost 3 lbs, which took me past my one and a half stone loss and past losing 10% of my original body weight! (When you loose that 10% you become part of Club 10).

It feels great and to top it off I gained my Gold Body Magic Award tonight, too! All in all another successful week at Slimming World!

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – My 10% Keyring!

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World – Lots of Sticker Awards for Charlotte!

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Beef with Baby Onions and Carrots, served with Brown Rice

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World – Congratulation Awards!

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Chicken Tikka Masala with Brown Rice and Homemade Oven Baked Chips

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World – Pizza Express Super Salad


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These diaries are written by two members of the public attending the Weight Watchers and Slimming World Meetings and are not an exact view of the companies themselves.  

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