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Week Five – Weight Loss – 3.5lbs

Total Weight loss: 17.5lbs

Week Five – Weight Loss – 2.5lbs

Total Weight loss: 13lbs


Last week I filled a rucksack with tins that equalled the amount of weight I had lost (1 stone), and have been carrying it on my back during my daily stomps. I will add items equivalent to the weight I have lost each week (or remove if I gain! Eek!) and keep going. Anyone that picks up the backpack cannot believe it equals a stone, and its really brought home to me how much extra weight I was carrying around, and what impact it’s having on my body.

I am completing 180 sit ups a day, along with weight lifting for my arms. I will banish bingo wings from my house if it (literally) kills me! I ordered some extra training equipment a few days ago, and will be trying to get to grips with it in the next week.

Food has been good this week. I run a section on the website called ‘Lady Does Lunch‘, where I post food reviews, which I have written, from the restaurants and pubs in the area. I have been really worried about doing any since I started with Weight Watchers, but I went to The Crown in Upton and chose carefully, and the few things weren’t cooked to how I thought would be okay to eat (very greasy) I left them.

We had a cinema trip on Friday evening with the children and I prepared myself by making popcorn before we left. Everyone else had their normal cinema treats, and I had a diet coke with my microwave popcorn (and sweetener). I didn’t feel like I was different in any way and I wasn’t hungry at all.

On Saturday we had lots of family over for lunch and I had decided to cook Weight Watchers food, which gave me a lot of hard work trying to choose something everyone would like. In the end, I decided on Fajitas and Enchilladas, which I made using Filling & Healthy foods. For pudding, something I normally make from scratch, I decided to put out on the table all of the treats and chocolates left over from Christmas. I am always busy when family is over so I knew it would be easy to avoid, and it was.

The meal was a great success and no one could believe that the food was actually part of WW! I did have a few (!!) drinks during the day and didn’t feel like I had missed out.

I lost 3.5lbs this week which made me very very happy, I cannot believe I have lost 17.5lbs in 5 weeks, this is way more than I have ever lost doing any of the million diets I have done before, and the best thing is, I am not starving! I am eating well, healthy meals and yummy foods and sharing them with my family.

One of my children said to me this week “I prefer the Weight Watchers dinners you are cooking, they are much nicer!”. I think that says it all!

Well, I have been out walking, come rain or shine (mostly rain), with my two whippets to increase my exercise. The weight of the mud on the bottoms of my boots surly serves as good muscle strengthening/toning for the legs! A bout of illness, resorting in steroid treatment and antibiotics, hopefully won’t play too much with my weight chart.

I purchased a book from my slimming class last time and have been trying some of the recipes in it. They are all ‘ready within 30 minute meals’, which is handy when you are not able to spend time preparing: looking up recipes, to meal planning, to the shopping list, as well as online ordering being new to me.

I am thinking of moving my weigh day/time, as my work schedule has changed, and I would feel happier if I attended a morning session, as the’ maggot’ in the back of my mind seems to have an over bearing authority on my lack of food consumption on the day – everything is noted in weight leaving me with a despondent feeling at the end!

Some delicious meals this week, and a new pair of jeans (one size down) have kept me focused. And the rate of loss into weeks would see me on target for my inspirational goal, my 25th Anniversary fly-cruise holiday to Barbados.
 A little chart I bought hangs proudly in my kitchen, counting up my loss and towards my interim personal targets.

I was absolutely bowled over when I stood on the scales at this week’s weigh in. I lost a fantastic 2.5lbs, bringing my total to 13lb loss. This works out roughly to 2lb per week, which is a suitable and realistic loss for me. I also won slimmer of the week from last time (jointly with three others) and received another sticker to place proudly on the front of my booklet.

For the first time since I joined I can truthfully say I have enjoyed and felt part of my group. The start was somewhat turbulent, as, no sooner had I met with my consultant to be, Vickie, I was told she was leaving and Julie would be taking my group and others over. The shift from one to the other left me feeling a little at a loose end. We enjoyed a friendly ‘Mr&Mrs’ competition, which involved two couples (though not necessarily a man and a woman nor Mr & Mrs) who told of their SW journeys, and we completed a paper vote at the end. They were all were very inspiring. A few of my group put a little weight on from the last session. I am dreading this point in my diet, though I know it will happen at some stage. I will try to aspire to their strength, take stock and move onward to my goal…

This week, a minimum of 1lb will bring me to my first stone loss. ‘Come on whippets, where are our coats?’

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Chicken in an Italian Tomato Sauce served with wholemeal pasta

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

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Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – Lady Does Lunch, a Weight Watchered meal in a pub, I had to leave a few things as they were too greasy

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

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Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Weight Watchers – I took my own popcorn to the cinema

Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World - battle of the diet plans

Slimming World – My exercise buddies

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