Andover Schools Coronavirus

Balksbury School headteacher, Miss K Thompson has written to parents today (9th March 2020) explaining that the conflicting information given to different schools on how to handle the situation over a confirmed case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) mixing with families at Andover Leisure Centre over the weekend, was ‘unacceptable’.

The headteacher explained that various different professional bodies had given schools, parents, businesses and the public different instructions around isolation following the incident at the weekend at Andover Leisure Centre.

She told parents that it had been made clear that schools cannot be put in this position again and that they must be able to access one clear protocol. Miss Thompson assured parents that the school will continue to hold to account the professional bodies responsible for making decisions regarding quarantine protocols and school closures, adding that she expects consistent advice going forward.

Miss Thompson said, ‘the anxiety for parents was unnecessarily increased due to the confusing, conflicting and contradictory messages circulating the town.’

Balksbury Infants and Junior school will welcome back both children and staff tomorrow (Tuesday 10th March 2020).

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