Alamein Conservatives have lashed out at the local Liberal Democrats for changing their position over support of the double yellow lines that were recently painted across Roman Way.

Lib Dem, Len Gates, last week published a scathing attack on Andover’s Conservatives on his campaign blog last week, saying, “Local Liberal Democrats had no input in the decision making and made no comment on it until November when we lobbied TVBC to take action on road safety outside Roman Way School.”

Andover & Villages spoke to Lib Deb Barbara Carpenter last week, who told us, “I was one of the first councillors to raise the danger issues on Roman Way because of the lack of visibility owing to parked cars. I was involved with consultation with TVBC and agreed to a 30 metre area of yellow lines, from junctions, on the Roman Way estate, but this is not what has happened – the lines are everywhere, and are causing chaos.”

A spokesperson from TVBC today confirmed that Cllr Barbara Carpenter was one of the first people to bring the parking issues on Roman Way to the fore by reporting the danger on the corner of Tiberius Road and the excessive parking, decreasing visibility at this junction.

The spokesperson went on to say that as a department, they would not look at one road in isolation, but instead consider the area as a whole so that the issue was not merely moved down to the next close or road, and this is what prompted consultation with residents along the whole length of Roman Way.

TVBC today confirmed that all homes, potentially affected by the painting of the lines, were written to, and two public consultations were undertaken by TVBC, one of which was at a Roman Way residents’ meeting. The initial plans were opposed by a number of residents and so were changed to accommodate the feedback, which mainly reflected potential parking issues.

Speaking to a Roman Way resident, she said, “I know it’s not an overly popular opinion, but I am really thrilled with the lines. It really was an accident waiting to happen on the estate, with young children out playing and appearing from between or behind parked cars. I applaud TVBC for acting before a child was knocked down and killed.”

Alamein Councillor, Phil North, told Andover & Villages, “I was astonished to read the comments by the Alamein Lib Dems, suggesting that they didn’t endorse any of the parking restrictions except those directly opposite Roman Way school. We added the Roman Way road stretch to our proposals, to enhance road safety outside Roman Way and Endeavour Primary schools, precisely because of Lib Dem Barbara Carpenter’s calls to do so and I have several e-mails to prove it.

“There was a full public consultation that local Lib Dems were aware of – and far from ignoring local feedback – we listened to the consultation responses and amended our officer’s original plans to ensure greater on-street parking, confining the double yellows to the junctions and visibility splays.

“Their current stance is rank hypocrisy as they attempt to whip up a storm ahead of the impending local elections. Trying to pull the wool over voters’ eyes simply won’t work.”

When Andover & Villages asked Len Gates to clarify what he meant in his blog, by saying that the Lib Dems had no input in the decision, he said, “Perhaps I could have worded it better, I actually meant we weren’t involved in the final consultation.”

Local news - Double Yellow Lines on Roman Way

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