Health News | Baby Boomers are Best Hagglers | Andover & VillagesNew research finds that the art of haggling face-to-face is a skill of the older generations with younger cohorts lacking the confidence to barter on the high-street. However, the study from, the UK’s most generous cashback shopping site, also shows there is a shift in how people are haggling with Millennials leading the way of grabbing a bargain online.

The research reveals that haggling is a skill Baby Boomers pride themselves on having with nearly half (48 per cent) of those in the south-east claiming they are the best at haggling compared to other generations. Nearly two-thirds (62 per cent) of Baby Boomers attempt to get a deal on the high-street with 55 per cent of those being successful when they do, compared to just 42 per cent of Millennials who barter when out shopping with a 36 per cent success rate.

However, having grown up in a digital age, 52 per cent of Millennials in the south-east feel more confident behind a screen and as a result are looking for ways to get a deal online.

More than two-fifths (41 per cent) of Millennials have haggled over the internet with a 98 per cent success rate. They are using methods such as contacting sellers via email to see if they could offer a better deal (61 per cent) and speaking to customer services agents through web chats (54 per cent). They have even found a digital version of the walking-away method by leaving items in their online basket until a retailer nudges them with a discount code (59 per cent).

The rise of online haggling

With Millennials leading the way, online haggling is catching on across the south-east with nearly a third (31 per cent) of people saying they feel less embarrassed haggling online compared to the high-street and the majority (77 per cent) of consumers getting a better deal online because they can use voucher codes that are not valid in store.

Around two-thirds (64 per cent) of those in the south-east have secured a saving by leaving items in their online basket and waiting for an email with a discount code from the retailer and 37 per cent have managed to get a price reduction by talking to a sales assistant through a web chat.

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