Susie Dent Comes to Andover The Lights

Come and learn all about Countdown’s Secret Lives of Words and 8 of the 10 cats Does Countdown’s Dean.

Take a tour of our phrases every day toward the curious, unpredictable and bizarre origins.

Susie will tell again about adventures that are hidden in words like lasagne (including room pot) and bugbear (a terrifying monster) and the mysterious disappearance of kempt, gormy and ruly as silent h in ghost (and yes, you really can be gruntled). She looks at the lexicon of the past to meet some of today’s linguistic gaps–like the tidy fit, we’re all doing just like tourists (it’s a scratch).

In fact, you will hear a range on Countdown and 8 of ten cats from Susie’s 25 years, the funniest times, along with some incredible results from a team of waiters.

Susie will include certain of Susie’s favourite sentences from her towns and regions of visitation in the evening. Indeed, she will welcome any concerns regarding the origin of words, the use of irritations, the dreaded effects of americanisation and the very future of our country in her own words operation.

The Richard Osman Susie Dent National Treasury is unique and humorous, full of facts and pleasant Jonathan Ross. In Pam Ayres ‘ words, she inspires life and enjoyable.

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