Augusta Park Gain New Telecom Supplier

Augusta Park residents gained a third broadband supplier option from Monday 15th September.

Householders have been dissatisfied with the broadband options open to them on their new housing estate for some time, with only two suppliers previously available, See the Light and Beaming.

Cllr Phil North and residents have been actively asking for more provision for a while, with Cllr North saying on his blog, “I have been campaigning for more broadband suppliers in the area for some time and have held meetings with the developers and Independent Fibre Networks Limited (IFNL) to try and further the cause.”

Cllr North went on to say, “I’m still disappointed that we don’t have a major player in the market to drive down prices, which has been promised by IFNL on several occasions, although I hope the recent agreement with Sky for triple play broadband, TV and call packages (with See the Light) will see them enter the market, independently, soon.”

More information about the new supplier, Direct Save Telecom can be foundĀ here.

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