Trick or Treat?

Are you thinking of trick or treating this Halloween?

If so…. be safe and make sure you think of others!!

Follow our ‘happy halloween’ guide below


Trick or treating can make some people feel scared or intimidated, in particular older people and young children


wear something reflective or carry a torch so passing vehicles can see you when crossing the road.


if you are old enough to go out alone make sure you tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back. Text if your plans change.

DON’T ENTER – Never go into someone‚Äôs home, no matter how nice they seem… always wait on the doorstep. RESPECT OTHERS –

Not everyone wants trick or treaters knocking their door

Tricks may have consequences for you as well… some tricks may = Offences

Look out for the ‘No trick or treaters poster’ displayed in windows and ‘respect’ people’s wishes!!

Click here to download the Hampshire Constabulary ‘ No trick or Treaters’ poster

‘Make sure EVERYONE has a Happy & Safe Halloween’

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