Apprentice Winner Mark Wright Teams up with Call Wiser Insurance

If there is one thing that the UK hates its poor customer service. The arrival of online shopping has removed personal interaction with another human being and reduced us to become ‘credit card punchers’. In fact, to even get any contact details to talk to another human being whilst browsing online could mean that you are reviewing an average of four pages before you find the information you are looking for which is generally hidden at the bottom of the page. Forget headaches what about repetitive strain syndrome, just to talk.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman and CEO of Call Wiser a trading brand of Be Wiser Insurance services based in Andover feels that the current state of affairs is unacceptable and has already began to make changes. He said, “Call Wiser understands the importance of speaking to customers, we provide personal customer service and financial advice for everyone. Each client has different needs and requirements and we make sure we satisfy them. “

The Call Wiser website provides customer contact numbers on all of the main pages of the website rather than hiding the details away as has become market practice. The website is providing a first class customer service for its online customers and encourages all other companies to do the same.

To maintain the high level of customer service for all Call Wiser customers, Mark Wright, winner of the BBC’s Apprentice has been working with Call Wiser, a trading brand of Be Wiser Insurance to build a new innovative website. The primary focus is the customer and dealing with their insurance needs and not to view them as a credit card.

Customers can shop wiser by using the new website to get an online quote but if they need help whilst they are comparing the market they have the option of live messaging an agent. This is something you won’t typically find on other websites. It combines the convenience of online shopping with access to advice that every shopper expects and deserves.

Soon it will be possible to have a live video chat with a qualified Call Wiser insurance professional. Mark Wright said; ‘Call Wiser is leading by example in customer service and we are excited about growing their brand through digital marketing channels.’

In an online market that avoids communicating with its customers, Call Wiser is paving the way for real change. Mark Wright also said; “It has been a pleasure working with Call Wiser to launch the Call Wiser Brand. It’s refreshing to work with a brand that wants to speak to its customers.”

You can get an online quote from the Call Wiser site and chat to an agent for your car, van, bike and home insurance by visiting the new website

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