A Education News | Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Local College | Andover & Villagesgroup of Year 10 students from South Wiltshire UTC have taken part in an Anti-Bullying workshop.

The ten students joined pupils from across the region to explore and understand the topic of bullying and are now Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for their school.

“It was a really educational and has given me new ways to help victims of bullying and understand their experiences,” said Year 10 student, Olivia Strong.

Fellow Year 10 student, Amelia Wyles agreed. β€œIt was an eye-opening experience on how to tackle bullying and activities to build up group work around anti-bullying.”

As part of the workshop the students learnt some skills to support people and stay safe. They also learnt some practical ideas on how to deal with group bullying and shared ideas with students from other schools.

The final part of the workshop was helping students to think of a plan to take back to school and set targets for their anti-bullying work.

“It helped me understand how easy and fun it is to make people aware about how to stop and raise awareness against bullying,” said Year 10 student, Lauren Edley.

Photo caption: Year 10 Anti- Bullying Ambassadors with Paul Knight (teaching assistant) and Holly Christie (Head of KS4) and workshop leaders.

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