Local politics | Andover UKIP Launch Parody Twitter AccountA local group have launched a parody Twitter account in the name of Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Kit Malthouse and UKIP.

The Twitter account is called Andover UKIT (@kitmalthousemp).

The posts have so far been aimed at poking fun at Kit Malthouse and to support UKIP Parliamentary Candidate, Sue Perkins, referring to her as a ‘hip girl’.

The reference ‘hip girl’ is owing to a story Andover & Villages broke in April 2015, after emails leaked to Andover & Villages revealed that UKIP’s North West Hants Parliamentary Candidate, Sue Perkins fell out with her campaign manager, Daniel Emmerson over leaked information about a hip replacement surgery that she is undergoing in July 2015.

The Twitter page also pokes fun at notorious local politician Tony Hooke, who publicly left UKIP earlier this year, branding all members, ‘dirty old men in macs’.

Andover & Villages contacted the account to ask who was behind it, they said, “We’re a group of socially aware local people who are close to many of the ‘players’ and know more that they would like us to know about them.

“We want to highlight any politicians or their supporters that are not working in the best interests of the people. We will expose scandals and any criminality from elected representatives of ANY party. We will highlight any times when they don’t tell the truth.

“We are watching them. Some of us are just your readers others operate from within these organisations or are close to them.”

When asked if they were connected to UKIP and if they would be watching and reporting information on the UKIP party aswell, they said, “Certainly UKIP!  We are not UKIP members or affiliated to UKIP”

Despite this, one of the early tweets on the page states that whoever is behind the page has already voted by post for UKIP’s Sue Perkins.

You can view the Twitter account by clicking here

Local politics | Andover UKIP Launch Parody Twitter Account

Local politics | Andover UKIP Launch Parody Twitter Account

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