Andover Youth Council Members Sworn in at Andover Town Council Meeting

New Members of the Andover Town Youth Council were sworn in at The Andover Town Council Meeting on Wednesday 19th December 2014.

The process involved each of the new members reading an oath and then signing in agreement.

All of the 14-17 year old councillors spoke up confidently in front of the biggest audience seen at an Andover Town Council Meeting for some time. 

Andover & Villages spoke to Emily Fraser, Vice Chair of Andover Youth Council and Kristen Bailey, Andover Youth Council Press Officer.

Emily confidently said, “We are really enjoying being on Andover Youth Council, we are tackling lots of local issues and also recruiting more teenagers to help drive our projects forward.

“Kristen came on board after we went out onto Andover High Street to conduct a survey about what young people want to see in Andover”.

Kristen told Andover & Villages, “I really am proud to be part of the Andover Youth Council, the ‘A Fest’ that we are running next year is a really exciting project for us as a Youth Council and for Andover as a whole.

“We are being received really well, local teenagers have a lot to say and now, we are being heard”.

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