A sign lets festivalgoers know that they can pick up preordered official Glastonbury Festival Water Bottles at a WaterAid kiosk, or buy one for £10.

Siân, a Professional Development Officer from Andover is packing her wellies and heading to Glastonbury Festival as a volunteer with international charity WaterAid to refresh thirsty revellers while raising awareness of the millions of people who are denied access to clean water and decent toilets.

While others are spinning around to Kylie and dancing along to The Killers, Siân will be part of a team selling Glastonbury water bottles and refilling revellers’ water bottles with free tap water from 37 WaterAid water kiosks on site and stand by the iconic Pyramid Stage.

It’ll be a busy job for Siân, as Glastonbury has banned the sale of single-use plastic bottles, meaning more people will be relying on WaterAid’s worthy team of water warriors for their H2O needs.

While supporting important services, Siân will also highlight the vital work of WaterAid in helping provide access to clean water and sanitation in poor communities around the world.

Siân said, “Having supported WaterAid for 5 years, I’m really pleased to have been selected to represent them at Glastonbury once again. Whether it’s queuing to get a drink, waiting to use a toilet, or not being as clean as they’d like, it’s the ideal setting for people to start to understand what it might be like for the millions of people who don’t have access to clean water or toilets.

“It’s shocking that one in nine people are denied access to clean water; it’s such a fundamental human right. Clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene should be normal for everyone everywhere. Glastonbury is a great opportunity to help engage thousands of people in a cause I feel passionately about. I love the fact I’m also part of Glastonbury’s efforts to reduce the amount of single-use plastic at the festival too.

WaterAid has been a Glastonbury partner since 1994, supporting the services and highlighting its work to provide clean water and sanitation to the 844 million people living without clean water and the 2.3 billion with nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

This year, there will be a record number of more than 600 WaterAid volunteers at the renowned festival, providing water, collecting rubbish for recycling, cleaning the toilets and running the She-Pees. Come rain, shine, or mud, Siân will complete shifts of four to six hours a day – the same amount of time many, mostly women and girls, in the developing world spend collecting water.

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