Sir George Young Visits Farm to Fork in Tesco Andover

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Sir George Young MP visited Tesco Extra Andover today to find out what the Farm to Fork initiative is all about and to chat with the children taking part in this week’s cooking trails.

Meeting up for the 8-10 year old category, Sir George arrived as the children were readying themselves for their lesson with Chloe Barrell, a qualified teacher who is taking the cooking courses this week, for the Child Food Trust, who run the cookery courses on behalf of Tesco.

Sir George quickly donned a yellow Farm to Fork apron and listened intently to the instructions given to the children on making Falafels. They were told to go and read the recipe in teams and to delegate members of their group to do the various steps in the instructions. Chloe told the children that the onion must be chopped very finely for the falafels to work!

The children scurried off; the boys all stuck together and the girls separated into two groups.

One Mum, Becky Sampson, sat looking on as the children cooked and told Andover & Villages that she had brought her two girls, Ellie and Maisy, from Chippenham to be a part of the cooking courses. She said, “It’s such a brilliant idea by Tesco. This is the second day of cooking for the girls and they are absolutely loving it. I am just about to shop downstairs for the girls to cook pasta for dinner for the family tonight.” Becky went on to say, “The girls liked to do a bit of cooking here and there, before the course, but now, it’s all they talk about!”

The children certainly seemed to be excited with two of the girls showing AaV a picture of a pasta dish they had made for their families the night before, even opting to grate carrot into the mix to make it even more healthy.

This week’s course teacher, Chloe, said that she had really enjoyed delivering the courses in the Andover Store this week and that the current 8-10 group were particularly good fun to teach and be around.

Speaking to Andover & Villages, Sir George said, “This really is fantastic and the good thing is that the children want to do it. They are enthusiastic and although they haven’t met each other before they are working together as a team to complete the tasks given to them, helping each other along the way.” Sir George added, “Not only are the children learning to cook, they are also learning about healthy eating and safety and all delivered by a qualified teacher.”

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