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Mums in the Know, Andover (MITKA) have arranged some activities over the Summer Holidays that are open to visitors to their website. One of the activities on offer is the fantastic Farm to Fork resource, put on by Tesco and run locally by Tesco Community Champion, Sheryl Scott Clarke.

The Farm to Fork incentive is in place to educate children (and often parents!) about where food comes from, how it gets here, how much it costs, what benefits there are to our bodies and so much more.

Andover & Villages was invited along to the first of three MITKA Tesco Farm to Fork events and met up with Sheryl, the parents and children at the fish counter where Fishmonger, Nick was showing the children how to fillet a fish. Finishing up, Nick asked the children, “Do you think Fish is nicer now you’ve heard all about it?” To which the children excitedly said, “Yes!” Nick asked if the children would like to try cockles, when one of them shouted out, “I would like to try Salmon”.

Sheryl shot off and came back with some fresh salmon, which Nick opened and gave to the children. They wolfed it down and every last bit went.

Moving on to the Produce Department, Sheryl split the Mums and Children into groups and gave them a colour each, and a brief to each team to find fruit and vegetables in their given colour, including information on:

  • Where the item came from?
  • What the item is?
  • How much the item cost, including if it was cheaper to buy the items singly or in a pack?

Sheryl told AaV, “It is great to get the children thinking about where the food came from and thinking about how much things cost. It’s great for the Mums too to see what’s cheaper, pre-packed or individual items. It gets the Mums and Children working together.” When everyone returned with their arms full of produce, Sheryl went through each colour, giving the benefits of each of the fruits spoken about, making sure everyone tried the fruits along the way, which all of the children joined in with enthusiastically!

The final experience was the Cheese Counter! Four plates of cubed cheese came out readily prepared and labelled for the children. Tasting each as they were described, the final one was a mature cheddar and so Sheryl encouraged the children to try cheese, grapes and bread together, which the children really loved.

Sheryl asked the children if it was as good as they had expected, and one child piped up and said, “It was much better. I was expecting an old man to be telling us we ate the wrong things, but this has been really great.”

Praise indeed for a great local resource.

You can book on to the last Farm to Fork experience on Tuesday 12th August with MITKA by emailing:

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