Andover What's On Guide - Mayor Jan Lovell Awards Tesco Cooking Children

Andover & Villages was invited to cover the last session of their three week Farm to Fork Cooking Courses, where Mayor, Jan Lovell, would be presenting certificates to the children who had completed the course. The Mayor arrived looking gorgeous, in a black pencil skirt and a beautiful turquoise jacket and of course, her polished, gleaming Livery Collar.

During the week, the children had learned a variety of kitchen skills, including chopping with a ‘claw’ hand, identifying herbs and spices, as well as various other skills. Each day the children make a meal to eat then and there, and then part-make something to take home, finish cooking and share with their families.

The incentive is part of a collaboration with Tesco and The Children’s Food Trust. The free Farm to Fork Cooking sessions, specifically designed for children aged 5-13, have taken place in the Tesco cafĂ© this week and for the next two weeks. The sessions give young, aspiring chefs the chance to learn the essential skills they need to create well-balanced meals.

Today the children made a healthy alternative to a ‘Pot Noodle’, a snack that children seem to crave, but have a huge amount of salt and saturated fats in. These were taken home in plastic tubs to cook up and eat for dinner.

The Mayor said, “I have been very involved with various aspects of education, including being the Chair of Andover Young Carers and a School Governor, and I have found that cooking is a crucial skill for children to learn, and this incentive is momentous, congratulations to all involved.” The Lady Mayor went on to say, “Well done to all of the children, I want to come home with you all for tea!”

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