Summer of 2015 is already here, and sees the third consecutive year of the return of Cholderton Charlie’s four-acre maize maze! Designed in the shape of Cholderton Charlie the Tractor himself and one of the sprightly young racing pigs……kids will spend hours getting lost and working through their very own workbook, keeping them amused for hours on end.

However, the maize crop itself hasn’t always been plain sailing, as Sophie McConnell, Farm Manager, explains: “The first two years of the growing the maize, the weather was so wet, we were worried it would rot the root, and not allow it to grow at the pace we needed. We have to wait until the last frost of the winter before the maize can be planted, which obviously has been rather late in previous years, and then the rain followed.” She goes on to explain that this year has been quite the opposite! Not enough rain has meant the maize has also struggled to grow, giving all the staff room for concern.

The staff all remain positive that this year will be better than ever, with the viewing platform, etching and rubbing boards it really is an experience for all the family to enjoy….come and get lost at Cholderton Charlie’s Farm!

Andover What's On Guide - Cholderton Charlies A-Mazing Maize is Back!