Andover & Villages Launch New Politics Section

Whether you’re interested in politics or not one fact remains – the key players in our political spectrum have more influence over your life than you might think. Many people find politics a boring, confusing and often exhausting process the leads to ‘more of the same’.

Andover & Villages see it differently; you have the power to bestow the authority on to a group of citizens who will hold many aspects of your daily life in their hands for years at a time. From how often your bins are collected to the amount of money taken from your salary, from where you can park your car to the decision to send our military to war, the people we elect at different levels of government are the collective voice of the community.

Andover & Villages’ new political section will provide reporting and analysis on politics from all levels of government and give you the best information on what the decisions being made will mean to you.

Over the next nine months the people of Andover and the surrounding villages will be asked by candidates from different ends of the political spectrum to cast their vote. Not only do you have the chance to elect a new Government, you will also be asked to elect councillors to the Borough Council.

We will be here to give you the latest, unbiased reporting on the issues that matter to you, hopefully giving you the information you need to make an informed decision. We want to hear from you, if you have a question about a political group we’ll do our best to get the answer for you.

Email with your political questions or information.

Polly has almost 20 years in the media industry. As Editor of Andover and Villages, she strives to bring the latest and greatest news with a minutes notice. Polly can be contacted via or alternatively called at