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The plans for the new Urban Sports Facility for Andover were unveiled at The Depot Skatepark today (Monday 11th March 2014).

After a long two years from the initial ideas stage, the Facility has had a long process to get to the stage it is at today. Initially planned to be situated in Shepherds Spring Lane, residents objected to plans, because of the park being in close proximity to homes and the Anton River. The latest plans have the park located on the Smannell Road. This site has been chosen because it will not require any drainage and fencing, meaning that more of the money allocated to the project can go directly towards the park’s facilities.

TVBC Cllr, Nigel Long, and his wife, Andover Town Cllr, Barbara Long, were at the Depot Skatepark to see the plans. Nigel told Andover & Villages, “I am very excited about the project, it is just what Andover needs”.

Sarah Jane Partner, Community Development Worker at Test Valley Borough Council told Andover & Villages that the plans were brought to The Depot to allow those who would be using the facilities to give their valuable feedback. One of the skateboarders asked Sarah if the park users could get together and fundraise for a fence to be placed around the new Facility, Sarah-Jane and Cllr Nigel Long advised him that there were local grants available that would match any fundraising and that Sarah would help advise if the project got to that stage.

Ages of the people at the park there to look at the plans ranged from 16 to 34, all regular users of the Depot park, but all looking forward to the new facility. Aaron Brownhall, aged 17 from Abbotts Ann, told Andover and Villages, “I pretty much quit skating because we don’t have a proper park. I don’t come here very often because the surface isn’t that great for skating, so I am really looking forward to the new one as it will be much better to use”.

Luke Buckwell, 23 from King Arthurs Way, can’t wait for the new park, especially as it will be on his doorstep. He told us, “I spend a few hours a day at this park, but when the new one opens, I will be there so much more”.

The designs will be going to the TVBC planning meeting on 15th April, where hopefully they will be approved and then moved forward to build, with a planned completion date of July 2014.

Let us know what you think of the new Urban Sports Facility planned for Smannell Road by leaving a comment below.

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