Andover Town Council Meeting - Wednesday 19th November 2014

Andover Town Council met at The Guildhall in Andover, at 7pm on Wednesday 19th November 2014. Members of the public and press are welcome at the meetings.

Current chairman, Geoff McBride, opened the meeting at 7pm, prompt, and took the meeting directly to the first item.

1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr Lynn

Cllr Kerley

Cllr Hughes

Cllr Khuman

Cllr Pond

2. Declarations of Interest

Geoff McBride explained what this item meant to the two attending members of the Andover Youth Council.


3. Minutes

Council Minutes from 4/09/14

Phil North enquired about the personal item that was deferred from the previous meeting.

Geoff McBride answered that it was being deferred again.

David Drew Proposed

Karen Hamilton Seconded

4. Public Participation

Geoff McBride asked if there were any comments from the public and, if there were, they would need to be kept to a 3 minute contribution time.

Michael James stood and addressed the room. Mr James explained that he would like some help to reinstate the floral clock at the junction between Weyhill Road and Salisbury Road in Andover, where the Millennium Man now stands.

Geoff McBride asked if he wished to replace the Millennium Man, Mr James explained that he did not but he felt the floral clock was an important part of Andover’s history and he, and others would like to see it reinstated.

Karen Hamilton asked who had the Floral Clock.

Zilliah Brooks said that Test Valley Borough Council had the clock.

David Drew said that he had spoken to Mr James about the project and had explained that it would need to be community led. Cllr Drew said that he believed the clock had been removed because it was subjected to continual acts of vandalism, which meant that it was costly to maintain. Cllr Drew encouraged Mr James to get together like minded locals to make up a team to drive the project forward.

Geoff McBride said that great things started from public participation at Andover Town Council Meetings, like the Great Outdoors project run by Janet Thorpe and that this was exactly what Andover Town Council wanted.

5. Youth Council Update

Geoff McBride addressed the room by saying that the Andover Youth Council had worked through the six principals of Roger Harts Ladder of Young People’s Participation and were working towards the seventh rung.

Cllr McBride introduced the two Youth Council members, Theo and Jordan who then started their report to Andover Town Council.

The two teenagers spoke clearly and confidently and explained the make up of the Andover Youth Council and that they are now ready to start taking on projects and events. They told the room that they were launching ‘A-Fest’ which would be a music festival in Andover’s High Street. The Youth Council decided on a festival because it was felt that any other music festivals were hard to get to and not financially viable for their age group.

The Youth Councillors told the Council that they had already secured over £5,000 in funding towards ‘A-Fest’ which would help them continue their work.

Geoff McBride explained that the process of having the Youth Councillors in public had been handled very carefully with the advisory panel who ensured all safeguarding issues were in place. Cllr McBride asked if anyone had any questions for the Youth Councillors.

Sandra Hawke thanked the youth councillors and said that Romsey had set up a Youth market and asked if that would be something they would be interested in. Cllr Hawke also said that it was nice to see two young men who didn’t want to throw rocks at old people.

Theo replied that it was important to the Youth Council to rebuild the image of young people and that most do not hang around loitering. Theo went on to say that he would take the idea of the Youth Market to the next meeting.

Sandra Hawke asked if the Youth Councillors could let her know the secret of raising £5,000.

Jordan said that it was important to provide something for youths to do near home, many cannot afford to travel and camp. Jordan said that Andover College were involved, along with Alibare and local bands.

Theo said that the event was run by young people for young people.

Sandra Hawke asked if old people were banned.

Zilliah Brooks asked when the event was to be held.

Theo said it was to be held in the High Street.

Zilliah Brooks asked if it had been booked.

Wendy Coulter confirmed that it had.

Geoff McBride said that the Youth Council is not the ‘Geoff Show’ and that the Youth Councillors hold positions and move the project forward together.

Zilliah Brooks said that if the Youth Council wrote to the Mayor, she could also allow them to have the Guildhall for free.

Barbara Long asked the Youth Councillors to confirm the date of the ‘A-Fest’.

Jordan said that it was 17th April 2015.

Barbara Long Congratulated the Youth Councillors and said she could put them in touch with grant applications.

Wendy Coulter said that many of the funds raised were also payment in kind arranged by Chris Gregory, the Andover Town Centre Manager.

Theo said that they were working with people from the Junction and Andover College.

Karen Hamilton said that she was part of the Youth Council Advisory Panel and she has seen the Youth Councillors grow from day one, and the event was going to be really something.

Phil North said that he was one of the councillors to first vote on the implementation of the Youth Council. Cllr North went on to congratulate the Youth Councillors on securing £5,000 from local business and that in order to deliver projects there needed to be a pot of money. Cllr North went on to say how the Youth Councillors were smashingly turned out and that they looked smarter than some of the Andover Town Councillors.

Geoff McBride said that the youth Councillors would now be attending more public events and he was pleased it had gone so well.

The Youth Councillors left with their chaperones.

Geoff McBride immediately started to angrily voice his concerns over the conduct of Cllr Chris Lynn towards Andover Youth Council and was aware of an email sent by Cllr Lynn to other Councillors at TVBC saying that he would not support the Andover Youth Council. Cllr McBride said that Cllr Lynn had continually been bad mouthing Andover Town Council and the Youth Council and he was not having it.

Cllr McBride said that he would say the same to Chris Lynn if he were in the room and would do so when he saw him.

Cllr McBride went on to say that he had met with Cllr Ian Carr and Roger Tetsall (Chief Executive Officer) at Test Valley Borough Council about Cllr Lynn’s conduct, but they were not interested.

Cllr McBride said that he had worked progressively and positively with the other councils and councillors in the area and that he believed in localism and will continue to behave in the same manner. Cllr McBride said that he would not tolerate Test Valley Borough Councillors undermining Andover Town Council.

Phil North said that he felt it was a generalisation of Test Valley Borough Councillors and that it was unwise to do so and that he had voted for the Youth Council to move forward.

Cllr McBride asked for more comments.

6. Chairman’s Announcements

Geoff McBride said Remembrance Sunday went very well and thanked Cllr Long for the pictures of him in his nice coat at the Cenotaph. Cllr McBride said that he was proud and thankful to be a part of the service for a second year.

Cllr McBride said that he had attended the award ceremony of ‘First Gear’ an initiative for local youths to team build and learn about driving and road use.

Cllr McBride said there would be a repeat of a Christmas get together and invites would be sent out soon.

Cllr McBride said that his wife had asked him if he could set up a group to bring an orthodontist to Andover. Cllr McBride had said that she could and she had done so, involving other members of the public.

7. Andover Town Council – Code of Conduct

Geoff McBride asked councillors to remember the Andover Town Council Code of Conduct and that there was an election coming up in May 2015 and that although bullying and intimidation had been seen in local politics, he did not want to see the same coming from Andover Town Councillors. Cllr McBride said that he did not want to see any councillors bring Andover Town Council into disrepute.

8. Committee Meetings

22nd October 2014 – Amenities & Town Development Committee

30th October 2014 – Policy & Resources Committee

Planning Committee

18th August 2014

8th September 2014

29th September 2014

20th October 2014

Proposed – Barbara Carpenter

Seconded – Katherine Bird

9. Corporate Risk Assessment

Geoff McBride asked if Steven Hardstff wanted to say anything.

Steven Hardstaff said that there had been a few amendments on risk factor.

David Drew said that what Cllr Hardstaff had said was correct and that it was just a process that needed to be done.

Barbara Long asked for clarification that Andover Youth Council had done a Risk Assessment for ‘A-Fest’

Geoff McBride said that it was corporate risk and not Health & Safety Risk.

Barbara Long said she did say clarification.

Proposed – Steven Hardstaff

Seconded – David Drew

10. External Audit

Steven Hardstaff said that the audit had gone well and that Andover Town council had been given a clean bill of health and that there were no comments to consider.

Phil North said it was good that there was just green.

Proposed – Steven Hardstaff

Seconded – Katherine Bird

11. Annual Budget

This item was pulled due to a computer malfunction.

12. Dates of Meetings for 2015

Sandra Hawke said that she hadn’t compared the dates with her calendar.

Phil North said that the Clerk has all the dates of the TVBC meetings and he thought the dates had been looked at, compared and agreed.

David Drew said that Andover Town Council had agreed to arrange area planning meetings around the TVBC meetings.

Wendy Coulter said that the Chairman Making Meeting is only a week after the elections and she was already preparing for it.

Proposed – Steven Hardstaff

Seconded – Brian Page

13. Finance

Phil North handed out the finances sheet.

David Drew said that finance paperwork should be received at least a day before the meeting so that councillors had time to read them.

Geoff McBride said he would take that on board and that it had been a busy week.

Phil North asked what the £88.00 for Wendy Coulter to be reimbursed for Christmas Lights Duties was for.

Barbara Long said that Wendy Colter had needed to be in Andover High Street for the arrival of the Christmas Tree at 5am.

Phil North said that he was asking for an explanation.

Barbara Long said that the clerk had been phoned and told that someone needed to be on the High Street to receive the tree at 5am and that this was for Wendy Coulter’s accommodation.

Phil North said that he had got an answer

Barbara Long made a huffing noise.

Phil North addressed the Chair and said that he was asking the question because it said in the accounts that there was a reimbursement of Christmas Lights duties and there needed to be more explanation.

Proposed – Phil North

Seconded – Sandra Hawke

14. Questions from Councillors


15. Reports from Councillors

Zilliah Brooks reminded everyone that Steven Hardstaff had organised a football match on Christmas Day as part of the WW1 Commemoration and that there would also be one on 27/12/14 at 10.30am.

Cllr Brooks thanked Barbara Long and Steven Hardstaff for their hard work in securing medals.

Cllr Brooks said that she had managed to get banners displayed at Vigo Park and Beechurst, but not for very long.

David Drew said that the Andover Town Partnership continued to do well and that the membership had grown from below 30 to over 40 and that Chris Gregory was close to ‘getting’ the Chantry Centre.

Cllr Drew said that he had attended the Encounters evening presentation at the Lights n and that it needed residents to move the various projects forward in order to make them work.

Barbara Long said that electricians were working on a non functioning light at the Upper High Street, Cllr Long said that it was unlikely to be working for the Christmas Switch On on Friday evening. Cllr Long said that they were aware of the issue and they were working on it.

Karen Hamilton asked if the problem was the bulb or electrical.

A member of the public shouted out that the thermostat had gone.

Phil North asked if it was the same lampost that was not working the previous year.

Barbara Long sighed and said yes and that Southern Electric were dealing with it.

Barbara Long said that the Neighbourhood Plan had been presented to four groups and that they would be at the Picket Twenty Community Centre Official opening at the weekend as well.

Geoff McBride said that a lot of hard work had gone into the project.

Barbara Carpenter said that the buses were still successful.

Barbara Long said that she had attended the opening of the skateboard park and that despite some issues, things were going well. Cllr Long said that there would be a Ranger to teach etiquette of using the park and that it was possibly the right site for it.

Phil North said it was more than possibly, that it was the perfect site.

Barbara Carpenter said police were regularly visiting the site.

A member of the public shouted out that people using it should wear helmets.

Katherine Bird said that she and Barbara Long had gone to a very interesting meeting together and they had heard about:

1. Community Structure Levy

2. New Voter Election Registration Process

3. TVCS about the services available

Cllr Bird had also visited a flood workshop and had listened to information about flood resistance and what the plans are, including making sure that there is a tree of who to call in an incident.

Cllr Bird said it was Tom Van Der Hoven’s last meeting after being on board for 15 years and he was a mine of information.

16. Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Geoff McBride asked if TVBC Councillor, Iris Andersen, had anything to say.

Iris Andersen said that she wished to congratulate Andover Town council on the Andover Youth Council and that it was inspiring.

Cllr Andersen asked if there was a doorbell on the council office for disabled people to use if they wished to come inside.

Cllr McBride said that he would ensure it was looked into.

Cllr McBride aske Cllr Nigel Long of he wished to speak, he said he did not which was met with much laughter.

Cllr McBride thanked Cllr Nigel Long for his help with the Christmas Lights

Geoff McBride closed the meeting.

Andover Town Council Meeting - Wednesday 19th November 2014

Andover Town Council Meeting - Wednesday 19th November 2014

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