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Andover Town Council met at The Guildhall in Andover at 7pm on Wednesday 11th June 2014. Members of the public are welcome at the meetings.

Current chairman, Geoff McBride (GMB) opened the meeting at 7pm, prompt, and took the meeting directly to the first item.


Apologies had been received from Phil North, who is on honeymoon after his recent marriage.

Barbara Long (BL) said that Zilliah Brooks had sent her apologies.

GMB said that Andover Town Council (ATC) has again spoken with Ron Khumon (RK) and there would be a vote to approve his prolonged absence. GMB took it to a vote.

BL proposed

Andy Fitchett (AF) seconded.

All in favour.




Minutes of the ATC meeting held on 23th May 2014.

Karen Hamilton (KH) Proposed.

(AF) seconded.

All in favour.


GMB asked the attending public if anyone would like to speak.

Nigel Long (NL) asked if ATC thought it was time to invest in a sound system in order for everyone to hear the meeting fully.

GMB held his microphone and asked if that’s what NL meant.

NL said that he could hear GMB but struggled to hear the other councillors when they spoke.

AF held aloft a microphone and said that he would be whizzing around the room with it to allow everyone to hear the councillors when they spoke.

There were no more comments from the public.

David Drew (DD) arrived.


GMB said that he would keep it brief, and said he was still involved with Andover Vision and the project Grow Your Own in Andover. Work continued with Andover Town Council Youth Advisory panel, and all of the members would be attending a Safeguarding course at Beech Hurst.


Minutes of Amenities & Town Centre Development Committee – 22/05/14

BL raised item ATD 84/13 – Andover Boundary Signs

BL said that the Action was not recommended to the council to include the strap-line ‘Andover, a Great Place to Live’.

BL raised item ATD 87/13 – Tourist Information Kiosks

Bl said it was just a suggestion of putting in kiosks.

GMB said that as the Chair and Vice Chair were not present, perhaps it was better to wait to alter the minutes.

All other minutes were not commented on with any errors or omissions.


Katherine Bird (KB) indicated she wanted to speak and AF ran over with a skid in front of her, which put KB off a little, which she voiced.

KB said that there were so few achievable items being addressed put ATC in good stead.

GMB thanked Wendy Coulter (WC), Andover Town Council Clerk, for the work put into preparing and organising the report and anyone else that contributed.

Steven Hardstaff (SH) Proposed

KB seconded

All in favour.


GMB thanked WC and any volunteers that helped with the preparation and organisation of the accounts.

GMB said that he has seen the need for the accounts coming up and, considering WC had been away for some time, a request was made to not have to do the accounts, but after being told they had to be completed they were.

SH propsed

KB seconded.

All in favour.

9. VIREMENTS FROM 2013.2014 TO 2014.2015

GMB explained that virements were basically savings made on accounts with funds being put into a reserve account, which were then earmarked for future projects. Despite this, the approval would need to come from ATC before the funds were spent. GMB said that it was recommended ATC accept them.

SH proposed.

KB seconded.

All in favour.


The proposed office cleaning contract was £1500 a year.

KB asked if that was per annum.

GMB said that it was.

AF said that the cleaning of the ATC offices were taking up a significant amount of the valuable time of WC, after members of the public and councillors like himself bouncing around the office, and he recommended that ATC approved this.

Veronica Pond proposed.

KB seconded.

All in favour.


BL said that, for information, the planning application for Flags and Banners goes to planning at TVBC next Tuesday.

AF said in response to the letter in the Andover Advertiser (AA), ATC and St Marys Church were indeed doing a lot to commemorate WW1. There would be a band in Vigo Park, the planting of Poppies across the town, window decorations and much more. AF said they were not ‘not’ doing nothing and were in fact doing a lot.

DD said, to add to what AF had said, the WW1 celebrations start on 4th August 2014, and continue for 4 years, and it would be wholly irresponsible to blow the entire budget in the first couple of months.

AF proposed.

SH seconded.

All in favour.


GMB said that Darren Henry (DH) was in attendance and much work was being done, but he wouldn’t say too much in case it came back to bite them.

DD said, to add to the debate, Andover is very much a Military town with many services children in the area. It’s important to support them.

GMB said that many people are putting their own time and resources into the project and wanted to highlight the work DH is doing for nothing. GMB expressed his thanks to DH.

SH propsed.

AF seconded.

All in Favour.


GMB asked if ATC wanted to be part of the scheme.

AF asked what being part of it entailed, because they did not want to add any additional work to ATC.

KB spoke as a TVBC Councillor, and said that the Recycling Stars scheme was a project to encourage more recycling in the area, and that TVBC had found some areas in Test Valley had a high recycling result, whilst others were below average and the project was a re-branding, in order to encourage recycling. KB said the campaign would encourage and engage children and all recycling information is now all in one place.

KB continued that it was a simple message and a simple way, sign up, put up a poster or on a website.

DD asked KB where the areas are that would benefit from the scheme.

KB said she didn’t know but could find out, and that it was public information and that the intention was not to name and shame.

DD said he wasn’t thinking of naming and shaming, but being positive about helping them recycle. Sometimes people need a helping hand.

BL said that she believes the figures for TV have gone down, because of leaves that had been affected by exhaust fumes and therefore could no longer be recycled.

AF said that the flats he lived in did not have recycle bins, and in order to recycle he would need to drive across the town.

GMB said that it was a series of actions and perhaps a councillor to champion it.

AF proposed.

KH seconded.

All in favour.


GMB asked KH if she wanted a shot at talking about the Youth Council.

KH said that GMB could carry on.

GMB said the Youth Council had been busy online and the next stage would be a workshop. The Youth Council have been given challenges to find one big long-term project and two smaller ones.

GMB said that they would be looking at funding and asked everyone to watch this space.

KH asked if anyone knew any young people in the town that would like to join the Facebook page or perhaps wanted to join the youth Council, to get in touch.




AF said that next Sunday he would be attending Winchester Cathedral as part of the WW1 Commemoration.

DD said there was an opportunity to meet the new Andover Town Centre Manager at The Star & Garter on Thursday night from 6pm-7pm. DD said that Chris Gregory was very enthusiastic and would be working a 20hr week, which he was confident that the town has much to offer.

DD said that the railway project was going well, and that at the end of the month they would be visiting Swanage to see how they had integrated into the Network Rail system, and how to get a Heritage or Community railway up and running.

DD said contact had been made from the MOD, who said the Ludgershall rail head could not be used for the project but DD pointed out this did not stop the project from going ahead, and they were looking at other options.

KH said that there would be a consultation for the Saxon Fields Youth Development on Saturday 26th July, 1-5pm. The day would be a fun day with many activities on the day, and said it was important that people in the area have their say and that the youth should have their say on what they think is missing.

GMB asked everyone to spread the word.


GMB asked for comments from Borough Councillors and looked to KB.

KB said she wasn’t the only one in the room.

KH said she had nothing to add.

NL asked if he could ask a question about something ATC has spoken about.

GMB said no, it wasn’t the time.

GMB closed the meeting promptly.

Andover & Villages Ed Comment

Andover & Villages attended this month’s Andover Town Council meeting, despite pressure from two of the Andover Town Councillors to stop reporting on, and taking pictures of, the meetings. It was suggested to AaV by the Liberal Democrat Councillors that not everything that happens in the meetings should be reported, going so far as to address AaV directly and indirectly during the meeting(s) to state what can and cannot be shared on publication.

The Andover & Villages Andover Town Council meeting reports and pictures are an accurate reflection of what happens in the meetings, and are published to inform and illustrate the inner workings of local government. AaV will continue to report and photograph these and other local government meetings to keep Andover and its Villages informed.

Polly has almost 20 years in the media industry. As Editor of Andover and Villages, she strives to bring the latest and greatest news with a minutes notice. Polly can be contacted via editor@andoverandvillages.co.uk or alternatively called at