Local Politics | Andover Town Council Independent Candidates AnnouncedAndover Town Council have released a list of independent candidates that are standing for Andover Town Council in May 2015’s elections.

The leaflet states that all of those featured are not aligned to any political party, yet listed are Katherine Bird, who is currently a Liberal Democrat Test Valley Borough Councillor and is again standing as such in May 2015’s elections, Barbara Long who is the Executive Committee Member for the local Liberal Democrats and previously stood as a Liberal Democrat in May 2010’s Town Council elections and Alan Cotter who is standing in Harroway Ward and is the Chairman of the Andover Labour Party.

The leaflet says:

On this page and overleaf are eight candidates who are standing for Andover Town Council who are not aligned to any political party.

Andover & Villages asked the three about the conflicting message, Alan Cotter said, “I became a councillor as a result of campaigning for the Town Council to be established. I stood as a member of the campaign, not as a Labour member. The Andover Labour Party have a policy of keeping parish and town councils free of party politics, which is why I am standing again as an Independent, as are 2 Liberal members.”

Barbara Long responded, “At parish council level I don’t believe that political party policies are relevant to the decisions we make.

“Just as in 2010 some Labour party members, who campaigned for the creation of Andover Town Council, stood as independent candidates I am doing the same.

“I believe that what is best for Andover is more important than any Political Party. There are many Parish Council councillors elected as individuals,who will represent the residents’ views within the parish, not for a political party.”

Katherine Bird had not responded at the time of publication.

Also standing as independents are Steven Hardstaff, Veronika Pond, Roderick Pond, Geoff McBride and Michael James.

Local Conservatives announced in early 2015 that they would be stepping away from Andover Town Council so that ‘Community Minded Individuals’ could run Andover Town Council, it is not yet clear if any Conservatives are standing for Andover Town Council.

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Local Politics | Andover Town Council Independent Candidates Announced


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