Local Andover News | Tesco Takes a Leak | Andover & VillagesTesco Extra on River Way in Andover, has yet another leak today.

Water is coming through the ceiling by the pharmacy, which is situated right next to the bakery.

Employees have removed the bakery products from the area and two members of staff are stood next to the leak, clearing any excess water that does not drip directly into the buckets below.

Andover Advertising with Andover & VillagesA member of staff told Andover & Villages, “A pipe has burst in the celling, there is water everywhere.”

Tesco Extra in Andover is plagued by water running through the ceiling, however the cause is normally down to heavy rainfall.

Andover & Villages have asked Tesco to comment on the health and safety aspect of the burst pipe, but they have at this time, declined to comment.

Local Andover News | Tesco Takes a Leak | Andover & Villages

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