Andover Tesco Eat Happy Project Continues to Educate

Andover Tesco Eat Happy Project Continues to Educate

Tesco Extra on River Way in Andover continue the great work they are doing with the Eat Happy Project initiative.

Last week, community champion, Sheryl Scott Clarke, took along Tesco andover employees, Becca, James and Debby Jones on a visit to popular local school, Balksbury. Year 3 children were given lessons on how to make and enjoy healthy sandwiches.

Sheryl, told Andover & Villages, “Today’s Eat Happy Project has been a great success, the children absolutely loved making the sandwiches, but the best thing is they learned so much at the same time. We used foods for the sandwiches from different locations across Europe and the children helped identify each ingredient with a regional bread, cheese and meat sandwich filling for each country we used.”

The children loved the whole day learning, but the best bit was, definitely, the tasting at the end!

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