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Since the coronavirus outbreak, especially in Andover, has been rapidly increasing globally, many psychologists have suggested that many will face a lack of social interaction. Games have always been a way of both children and adults to interact with people around the world.

A way of interacting with your friends is renting a game server, there are various websites like Best Game Hosting that compare and review others and show you the best game server hosting providers around. 

Games like Minecraft, Ark and Rust are among the most popular when it comes to multiplayer. And Minecraft is by far the most popular with over 110m active players. The website also has sections like the cheapest Minecraft server hosting

These sites allow you to get the best game servers for cheap or if you have a large budget then you can find the fastest server.

You can also have free connectivity like Skype and Teamspeak to which friends can communicate while playing their favourite game. 

Boredom in Andover

With many residents flowing into social media about the current situation due to COVID-19, while live sports are cancelled, many are wondering what to do with their time.

As we mentioned above, millions of hours are spent weekly playing games and you can add to that, by renting a server from one of the best GSPs and playing with your friends, children or anyone for that matter!

Esports/Games Industry Booms

Live sports are halted worldwide due to the pandemic of coronavirus. The shutdown leaves unavoidable programming holes – and sports fans want to scratch the competitive itch, who spend weeks isolating themselves, for their favourite pastimes. 

Nevertheless, as the quarantine continues, the gaming and esporting community face the task of filling this hole. The numbers speak for themselves: in the first quarter of 2020, Twitch hit all-time records for hours watched, broadcast time and average competitor user, according to a survey by Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet. During the second half of March Twitter announced a 71% rise in talk volume and a 38% rise in unique authors. Meanwhile, after quarantine took effect, Verizon has seen a 75% rise in the use of games. 

In short, there’s a moment for the gaming and sports industry. Nevertheless, unforeseen problems emerge with the opportunity. Sports like “Overwatch,” “League of Legends,” “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and “Call of Duty” were companies behind the largest sport leagues, closing down live events and walking away from home. 

Not only does this pose organisational technological problems, but it also reduces fan engagement enthusiasm. However, esports enthusiasts – and even those who are robbed of mainstream sports in pursuit of competitive entertainment – take part in swelling events.

So, both esports and games are making huge amounts of profit in light of the coronavirus outbreak. So, it might be time to increase your social interaction through games! 

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