Andover Education News | Andover Schools Closed Over Teacher Strike | Andover & VillagesTwo Andover schools are closed today as part of a strike by the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

Andover Education Centre on Smannell Road is fully closed and Norman Gate School on Vigo Road is partially closed for the day because of industrial action.

Norman Gate School states that due to industrial action Millers Class will be closed on Tuesday. All other classes remain open, including Acorns Nursery.

Advertise with Andover & Villages - Cost Effective Advertising The strike is a result of an on-going national dispute with central Government in respect of reforms to the education sector, as well as teachers’ pay, conditions and pensions.

One parent told Andover & Villages, “My children are very stressed and upset today, we were told quite late about the strike and there was no time to prepare them. I have a tough day ahead of me.”

Another local mum said, “I have had to take a days holiday to cover the teacher’s strike, what a joke when we get fined if we take a day off during term time.”

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