Andover School News - Harrow Way Students All Set to be the Next Bear Grylls

Harrow Way Community School Year 7 and 8 students have been at one with nature ‘Exploring Outdoors’ with Andover Leisure at Charlton Lakes.  No fossils fuels were wasted as these students learned the seven essentials of survival in the great outdoors as part of an end of term, motivational and team building day.

So if ever caught short in the great outdoors, what are the essential skills required to ensure a safe night? Courtesy of the two sessions down at the lakes the Harrow Way students are now trained to whittle sticks for tent pegs and build shelters. The ancient art of fire starting has been mastered as has archery (no animals were harmed – just targets).  One way to escape is the quick vertical get-away which the students are now practised at having spent time on the mobile climbing wall.] In total the seven essentials for life are air, water, warmth, food, shelter, sleep and positive mental attitude. 

Lynne Askey, Harrow Way teacher said: “Being able to start a fire from scratch is quite a feat so the students were rightly pleased with this achievement.  They particularly enjoyed toasting marshmallows over the embers but have been duly informed that this talent does not fall under one of the seven essential survival skills!  Working as a team was a huge confidence booster although we hope they never need to genuinely survive the great outdoors they are now, at least, equipped to do so.”

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Andover School News - Harrow Way Students All Set to be the Next Bear Grylls

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