Andover's Parking Service Survey Shoppers!

Andover’s Parking Service staff were out today (12th March 2014) asking members of the public for their opinions on a new parking scheme being considered for Andover’s Multi Storey car park.

Andover and Villages spoke to Sonja who is a Parking Service Supervisor and a well-known, familiar face in the town. Sonja was in the Lidl car park asking shoppers to fill in the survey.

It seems that Test Valley Borough Council are considering changing the way people pay to park in the Multi Storey, to paying when you leave, rather than guessing how much time you need to shop and then rushing back to the car to ensure you do not receive a penalty notice. One of the questions asks if the participant would stay in the town longer if this kind of scheme were brought in.

Great news that TVBC are trying to rejuvenate our town by implementing new and more modern ways of approaching parking.

Andover's Parking Service Survey Shoppers!

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